What Is A Range Hood Filter And How Do I Clean It (2021 Guide)

What Is A Range Hood Filter And How Do I Clean It?

Maintaining the air quality in the kitchen is necessary because it can affect the quality as well as the safety of our food. Since we have to spend more time in our house, indoor air quality also plays a crucial factor towards our health. 

An effective range hood helps capture and remove the polluted air produced by the cooking process in the kitchen and simplifies your cleaning process. Hence, this useful application is widely common among kitchens.


A range hood filter is an essential accessory of the range hoot because it carries out the main function of the range hoot which is to filter grease, dirt, and contaminated air in your kitchen. In order to protect the quality of air in your kitchen and maintain your range hood, it is important to keep the range hood filter clean with proper cleaning methods.

3 Different Types of Range Hood Filters 

Like its name, a range hood filter is a detachable filter in the underside of the range hood. These filters are usually made of metal, charcoal, and fabric. There are many types of range hood filters available.

1. Stainless steel baffle filter


This filter is made from low-maintenance stainless steel. The baffle filter has three alternating sides to maintain an effective and quiet airflow. When the air hits the top baffles and immediately moves to the bottom baffles, grease, and polluting substances will be collected in the bottom baffles before the air moves up again. The design and the stainless steel material that is easy to clean and handle make the stainless steel baffle filter one of the most effective filters available in the market.

2. Stainless steel mesh filter

This is also a common type of filter. The mesh filter has a grease trap to catch contaminants effectively while preventing grease from accumulating quickly. Mesh filters can be made from either stainless steel or aluminum. 


Yet, a stainless steel mesh filter can filter grease and contaminants more effectively than its aluminum counterpart.

3. Charcoal filter

This is a common filter in ductless range hoods while stainless steel baffle filters and mesh filters are used in ducted hoods. While ducted hoods remove the polluting air out of the house, a ductless hood will filter the dirty air but recirculate the air back into the room, which keeps the heat and the moisture of the kitchen.


The charcoal filter is effective for ductless range hoods because it is made with a carbon material that can neutralize all the odor from the cooking process and capture the polluting substance of the air. Hence, even though the air is recirculated back into the kitchen, the charcoal filter will better the air quality.

How To Clean A Range Hood Filter Based On Its Type

To keep your filter and your kitchen’s air clean, you should clean the range hood filter properly. Remember that different types of filters require different ways to clean. 

Baffle filter and mesh filter

Both baffle filters and mesh filters are convenient because they are dishwasher-safe and durable. Hence, you can put your dirty filter on the dishwasher and you are good to go. 


If you want to clean it by hand, use dishwashing soap and a dishwashing cloth to scrub the filter gently until it is clean of dirt and accumulated grease. 

If you cannot remove all the grease with this method, or if you do not want all the grease to get stuck in your dishwasher, you can diffuse baking soda and dishwashing soap into hot water and can soak your filter in your hot water mixture. 

Then rinse it carefully with water and let it dry before you attach the filter to your range hood again.

Here is a useful video on how to clean your filter for your further information:

Charcoal filter

Unfortunately, in the case of a charcoal filter, when it becomes too dirty, you should replace it instead of trying to clean it. Replacing the charcoal filter regularly will protect your kitchen air and your range hood.



How often do I change my charcoal hood filters?

You should change your filter every one to three months. If you do a lot of cooking, you should change it every month. Yet, if you only cook once in a while, you pay attention to the dirt and grease accumulated in your filter. When there is too much dirt, it is time you cleaned your filter.

Which range hood filter is the best?

A stainless steel baffle filter can be slightly more expensive, but it is the best and most durable option for a ducted range hood. It has the most advanced technology when it comes to hood filters and can be cost-effective because it lasts for a long time. With its stainless surface, you will not have to worry about corrosion or rust.

How do I choose a range hood filter?

All the filters are relatively affordable and cost-effective so you can pick any filters that suit your range hood. You should see if your range hood is a ductless hood or a ducted one. As mentioned above, stainless steel baffle filter and mesh filter would be ideal options for ducted hood while a charcoal filter works better with the ductless one. 

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Conclusion (What Is A Range Hood Filter And How Do I Clean It?)

Now you know all about the types of range hood filters, the options you can have, and the methods to clean and maintain the filter properly. Remember to clean your hood filter regularly to protect it from accumulated dirt and maintain the quality of air in your kitchen.