Can Meat Grinder Grind Bones? The Final Answer Is Here!

Can Meat Grinder Grind Bones?

Grinding bones and meat is an easy task for a butcher, but a dull and tedious job for many of us. However, it is essential to include healthy bones and prepare healthy meals for pets. Incorporating raw carcasses into the pet’s food is an integral part of the raw diet.

Luckily, heavy-duty meat grinders can crush bones perfectly, but some meat grinders cannot ground bones. It is vital that you know which one to choose and why.

I will provide a detailed explanation covering what you need to know about meat grinders and their ability to grind bones in the next part.

3 Different Types of Meat Grinders

1. Manual Meat Grinder

If you plan to chop meat from time to time, you can only use a manual chopper. However, if you buy one, you have to use some elbow strength to make it work. A manual grinder requires labor and effort to do it, which may be a challenge for beginners. 

It is not recommended for cooks and people who cannot physically pass through the grinder. Manual grinders require practice, strength, and hard work to function. 

The manual grinder is very suitable for places where there is not enough power. Most people tend to use hand grinders in remote areas, such as machine rooms, where there is no good power supply. In addition, they are strong and durable, almost impossible to break. 

Many buyers choose them for their reliability and durability. If you are patient and can grind meat with your muscles, a manual mincer will be your ideal choice.


2. Electric Grinders

Electric meat grinders have one main goal to achieve. They are made to shred several kilos of meat without forcing the user like a manual mincer. The cost of an electric mincer is higher than that of an ordinary mincer. Still, its powerful motor can grind meat easily. 

In addition, the electric grinder has interchangeable grinding wheels. It can help users replace different textures with a single grinder. 

Moreover, this provides users with a variety of grinding styles for users to change and experiment. If you plan to cut more meat than the average type, look at an electric grinder.


3. Commercial Meat Grinders

These meat grinders are designed for users who want to sell any meat. It is not recommended to use commercial meat grinders for home use. Chefs, butchers, and people in related industries tend to use commercial grinders.


Can Meat Grinders Grind Bones?

Of course, they can! Today, most meat grinders can easily grind smaller chicken, rabbit, and turkey bones. There are many different names and models of meat grinders on the market for you to choose to grind meat and bones without a problem. 

It is better to use a heavy-duty electric grinder to grind meat and bone to make grinding better and smoother. When you buy a heavy-duty meat grinder, you can be sure that the meat bones will also grind to perfection. Many people use meat grinders to prepare food or even cook for pets because these meat grinders crush and grind hard bones greatly.

If you plan to buy a meat grinder that is strong enough to grind bones, you should buy a heavy-duty electric meat grinder. It is because you don’t need to add too much manual force while grinding all the hard bones, and the electric grinder can complete the job in a few minutes! 

Even if you don’t specifically use a meat grinder to grind the meat bones, the electric meat grinder is better than the daily manual meat grinder for preparing sausages, hamburgers, patties, etc. The grinder makes your daily cooking process convenient and quick.

Which Bones Can Be Ground?

Choose raw cartilage that is easy to break down. If you plan to cook for your pets, consider what they typically eat in the wild. 

Poultry wingtips, ribs, neck, and back are good options for grinding. The bones of other small animals (such as fish, rabbits, and rodents) also play a role. Choose bones that are no longer or thicker than the thumb to make sure they break correctly. 

Boiled bones will break, making them dangerous for pets. They are also less nutritious than early bones. 

Avoid using bones from large animals such as cows, pigs, and even lambs. Unless you have a butcher who uses that type of industrial shredder, these bones will be difficult to grind.

5 Steps To Grind Bones Properly With Mear Grinders

  1. Choose the bones according to your mixer 
  2. Cut them into small pieces to feed the grinder 
  3. Take a bowl and other necessary accessories 
  4. Carefully put the bones in the machine 
  5. Save the ground bones

Check out this video for a further demonstration:

Tips On How To Grind Bones With Meat Grinder

  • When choosing a grinder, read the packaging and use it. Make sure the manufacturer approves it for use in bone mills. If this machine is not recommended for grinding, we will not use it because the blade will become dull. 
  • Please study carefully before buying any product, otherwise, the seller will mislead you. 
  • Choose metal or stainless steel over plastic. Stainless steel will stay longer. 
  • Reserves spare blades for use in emergencies. 
  • Before grinding, please ensure the freshness of the bones. Do not use frozen bone meal after 6 to 12 months. 
  • Ensure that the container used to store the bones on the floor or the bowl in use is properly cleaned. 
  • I would recommend buying grinders that can be easily disassembled because they are easy to maintain. It may cost a few pennies, but you will be able to use it more often. 
  • Keep bones and meat in the refrigerator before grinding to maintain a smooth consistency. The 
  • Use the larger blade for the first polish and then use the conventional blade. 
  • Put the small end into the grinder tube first for easy grinding.


Are meat grinder dishwashers safe? 

Yes, you can buy a grinder with removable parts and install it in the dishwasher. However, make sure to label the grinder on the dishwasher. 

Can I replace the blade? 

If the blade is damaged, you can buy a new blade from the manufacturer. You can also find grinder blades online. 

Is the grinder complicated to use? 

No. Most manual grinders are easy to use, while electric models have systematic instructions on how to operate.

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Conclusion  (Can Meat Grinder Grind Bones? The Final Answer Is Here!)

Hope that after reading this article, you’ll have a clear answer to the question, “Can a meat grinder grind bones?”

I have shared everything you need to know about how to grind bones with meat grinders. You have mastered the knowledge, now is the time to buy a grinder that is worth your time and investment.