Do You Need A Screen For Gas Fireplace? 4 Reasons & Purposes

It is nice, warm, and cozy to have a burning fire in your house on a cold winter day. Today, instead of having to gather your wood and kindle to build your fire from scratch, you can opt for a gas fire and light up the fire by flipping a switch.

Do You Need A Screen For Gas Fireplace?

However, whether you own a traditional fireplace or a gas fireplace, fire always comes with certain safety risks and is one the most common causes of house fires. Fortunately, the potential dangers of a gas fireplace can be conveniently managed by installing a screen for your gas fireplace. 


4 Reasons “Do You Need A Screen For Gas Fireplace?” 

If you have a carpet or anything that can catch fire near your fireplace, or if you have children and want to protect them from the danger of fire, you must put a protective screen in front of your gas fireplace.

Prevent potential threats of house fires 

A fireplace screen can prevent sparks of fire from entering the room and causing fires. Thus, it can prevent other things in your house from coming into contact with the fire.

Safety for your children and your pets

Children and pets may not be aware of all the dangers of fire. Yet, they can be curious and tempted to play with fire, which is extremely dangerous. A fireplace screen will keep your children or your pets safe from fire.

Protection against the fire heat

It would be difficult to sit close to a fireplace because of the heat it radiates. However, with a fireplace screen standing between you and your fire, you can be protected from this heat and can enjoy your fire anywhere you want.

Decorative purpose

Although this reason may not be as significant as the reasons above. A screen in front of your gas fireplace can make the fireplace look better when it is not in use. There are a lot of decorative fire screens available now so you can easily pick one that is not only functional but also beautiful and fits your house.

Safety Tips For Gas Fireplace To Keep In Mind

Get your gas fireplace inspected regularly 

You should hire a licensed and experienced inspector to evaluate the condition of your gas fireplace and detect any potential gas leak at least once a year. 

Blockages, dirt, or damages can make your gas fireplace emit carbon monoxide and cause leakage. Regular inspection will make sure that there are no blockages or damages in your fireplace and allow your gas fireplace to last for a long time.

Get a carbon monoxide detector

Since gas fireplaces can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and many threats to your health, adding to the fireplace screen, you should keep a carbon monoxide detector in your home to protect you from this deadly gas. This device can provide constant alarms to tell you about the amount of carbon monoxide in your house.



How big should a fireplace screen be?

You can choose the size of your screen based on the size of your fireplace, the size of the fire burning in your fireplace, and your preferences. 

Normally, a burning fire would be at the height of 10 cm or 4”. In this case, a fireplace screen with a height of 50 cm or 19.7” is ideal. You can also opt for a higher screen because it is always better to stay safe from fire.

How do I choose a fireplace screen?

A fireplace screen comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Different types of screens can serve different purposes like preventing the dangers of fire, protecting people from the heat, or decorating the house. Thus, it can be made of many materials based on its purpose. 

Screens made from metal can absorb the heat and protect people against the heat, screens made from any fire-resistant materials can be used for decorative purposes. Hence, consider your interest and pick your fireplace screen accordingly. 

Here is a video about how to choose your fireplace screen for your further information:

Do I always need a fireplace screen?

Even if you have a lot of experience with burning fire, it can be difficult to keep your caution all the time. A safety screen for your fireplace would save you all the inconveniences and protect you from all the threats. Thus, with a screen in front of your fireplace, you can leave your fire unsupervised without any worries.

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Whether you want to protect your family from the dangers of fire or decorate your fireplace, a fireplace screen is an ideal choice. Get a fireplace screen and free yourself from the constant worry about the fire burning in your house.