Top 12 Best Gas Grills Under $200

We all love grilling and there is nothing better than having a gas grill to cook with. But we don’t always have the money for a new grill, so what can we do? Luckily, there are some great options out there that will get you grilling without spending too much money. In this blog post, I’ll review top 12 best gas grills under $200.

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1. Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

Cook up a summer feast with the Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill, America’s favorite grill. With its Ultra-Durable porcelain-enameled lid and bowl that retain heat well and damper that adjusts to precise temperature control, this grill is just right for any foodie or griller. Cleanup is also made easy because of the One Touch Cleaning System putting an end to clean-up nightmares after a long day of cooking

This is the product that we are most satisfied with out of Best Gas Grills Under $200.


– Durable porcelain enameled kettle and bowl.

– One touch cleaning system for easy cleanup after a long day of grilling.

– Easily cook for a larger group of people with its large capacity

– Retain heat for longer periods of time. 

– Won’t rust or peel. 

– Dampers allow you to control the temperature inside your grill. 

– You can make your favorite burger at home with this grill!

– It’s made for everyone, not just professionals.

– Keep your family happy with delicious, grilled food.


– It Has Two Trays: While the grill has only a 22 inch cooking surface, many other grills of this size have only one tray for coal placement. The two trays on this grill make it easy to manage your fire.

– It Has Two Locking Casters: The grill has two large casters, one on each side of the body. These lock into place to keep the grill steady while you’re cooking on it, but they can also be unlocked quickly for moving your grill around.

– It’s Sturdy: While some hibachi grills feel flimsy, this one feels solid. The legs are thick and square, the trays are thick metal, and the lid is sturdy – it’s heavy enough that you could sit on it without breaking it.

– It has a One Touch Cleaning System: Every time you cook, ashes get stuck onto your grill grates. You can scrape them off when the grill cools down, but this is hard and messy work. The one touch cleaning system makes charcoal grills much easier to clean.

– It’s Durable: Other hibachi grills are made of thin, flimsy metal that will rust easily, especially if you live by the ocean. This grill has a large cooking surface but weighs only 46 pounds, making it easy to lug around.


– The Front of the Grill is Narrower Than the Back: The front of the grill is only 18 inches wide, but the back is a full 22 inches. This means that there’s a large gap between where your food will be and where it will fall off.

– The Legs are Difficult to Adjust: Many people report that adjusting the legs on this grill is difficult and frustrating. The bolts can be hard to turn, especially if they’re dirty.

2. Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill

The Char-Griller 3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill is the perfect gas grill for culinary professionals or passionate home cooks. The modern design incorporates 6 piece stainless steel burner assembly with infrared burner holocaustizes to provide even heat across the grilling surface. Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grate ensures durability in extreme temperatures and the premium blue vinyl cover provides added protection to prolong paint finish in direct sunlight.


– The grill has a large cooking area, you’ll be able to cook more at once. 

– The grill is easy to assemble and maintain, so you won’t have to spend time doing it yourself. 

– It comes with three burners that are independent and balanced. 

– Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates for heat retention.

– Durable steel construction 

– Stainless steel bbq thermometer 

– Thick porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates for maximum heat retention, warming rack, large wheels for easy portability, and side workstation with barbeque tool set storage hooks 

– Grills food in a short amount of time.

– Grilling will become a lot easier for you. 


– The cooking surface is 480 sq. inches and provides plenty of space for food preparation. 

– It has a porcelain enameled cast iron grate that makes it easy to clean, which prevents the build up of bacteria on the cooking surface.

– It has a grease management system, which allows drippings to be easily drained away from the grill so that flare-ups are less likely to occur. 

– The heating element is located below the grilling grate and above a drip pan, making it harder for food particles to accidentally come into contact with the flame.

– Mechanical Pro: Doesn’t require electricity.


– There is no propane tank door, which means you have to unscrew the propane from the outside of the grill.

– The hose length is 30 inches, which means you need to mount the propane tank next to the grill if you want an excess of range and mobility.

3. Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

The Weber Q 1000 liquid propane grill is the latest version of this classic BBQ. It comes with upgraded handle grips and knobs, along with sturdy front and rear cradles that make it easy to transport. This model features a split-grate design so you can prepare delicious griddle type meals, as well as soup-kitchen favorites like hamburger patties. Designed to be used year round in both fresh air or garage conditions, the Weber Q Liquid Propane Grill will stand up to any cooking task at hand.

Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill is one of Best Gas Grills Under $200 that you will definitely feel satisfied.


– Enjoy endless control with infinite settings.

– Save money on your electricity bill.

– Produce delicious food in a short amount of time. 

– Easy to start and control.

– Durable construction. 

– You’ll spend less time cleaning up after dinner with this grill.


– The grill is small and portable.

– This grill sits on any table or stand, so you can place it where convenient to you. It has two wheels so you can roll around the grill as needed.

– The grill plates are porcelain enameled to prevent rusting and make it easier to clean up.

– This grill came with a built-in thermometer that helps you manage heat levels. A grease tray makes it easy to collect drippings for making gravy or barbecued sauces. 

– The grill plates are also reversible, so they can be used twice as long before they need replacing.

– Other features include legs with adjustable height and an indicator light that alerts you when the grill is in use.

– The grill features two burners so you can easily cook a lot of food at once without worrying about it not being done.

– The grill itself has a stylish chrome steel construction, which makes the grill look professional and pleasing to the eyes of your guests. 

– The grill is very easy to assemble, so you will be ready to start cooking in no time! Durable burners 


– The Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill is a bit on the expensive side, so if you are looking for a cheaper grill this may not be your top choice. 

– It is a bit harder to clean than some other grills, but it can be done if you know what you are doing.

4. Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

With the Char-Broil Classic 360 Grill, you can cook everything your heart desires. You’ll never have to worry about running out of space because our grill features 30,000 BTU’s of heat on a 360 square inch cooking surface that measures 26-inches wide by 14-inches deep. The porcelain coated grates are high performance and easy to clean! For added convenience, the side burner is perfect for making yummy sauces or sides while you wait for your food on the main cooking areas. What’s more convenient than one visit to this tool set?


– It’s made of stainless steel and porcelain for durability.

– The grill is easy to use and maintain.

– The porcelain coating will make sure the grill stays looking great.

– You’ll be able to cook anything you want on it, no matter the weather.

– It’s easy to clean and maintain. 

– Have a secondary cooking area for sides or sauces. 

– Cook with less stress and anxiety by having everything you need all in one place.


– The Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill is constructed of heavy duty steel, so it will stand up to years of use and last a long time. 

– It also has two side shelves with adjustable heights and tool hooks to keep everything in easy reach when you’re cooking and cleaning.

– The porcelain enameled grate is easy to clean and the high-impact resistant epoxy finish makes this grill durable for outside use. It also features a built in lid thermometer to help monitor cooking temperatures.

– The Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill features three 10,000 BTU stainless steel burners that will heat up quickly and evenly when you need to get cooking. 

– It has 398 square inches of cooking space, which is enough for 20 burgers or four whole chickens laid out flat. This grill also has an electronic ignition that makes it easy to start, and a hinged lid with convenient side handles.

– It has wheels for easy transport around your yard or patio for parties or other events. You can easily tuck it away when you are done grilling so that it doesn’t take up much space.


– This grill does not have a side burner, so if you plan to use it for fish and other foods that may require cooking with different heat levels than the main burners, you will need to invest in a separate side burner or stove 

– This grill is made of steel, so you do need to be careful not to leave it in the rain or snow when you are finished using it, otherwise rust may develop on the surface.

5. Giantex Propane TableTop Gas Grill Stainless Steel Two-Burner BBQ

The Giantex Propane TableTop Gas Grill is the most compact propane tabletop grill you can find on the market today. Ideal for apartments, balconies, patios, and balconies that require a space-saving design or place for cooking out in inclement or cold conditions. The height adjustable jets are great when you need to cook something near your head – they hit it without having to stand up! This product is ISO certified, fast heating with 20k BTUs of power with each burner independently adjustable so you really get versatility out of their mini table top grills.

Enjoy great barbecue alongside your family with one of these Best Gas Grills Under $200.


– Folds up for easy transport and storage.

– The stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean and maintain.

– Cooks food evenly and quickly.

– Portable for any occasion.

– It offers 20,000 total BTUs with two independently adjustable burners.

– Giantex Tabletop Grill is a high quality.

– Take your cooking to the next level with a grilling machine that you can take anywhere.


– No charcoal, lighter fluid or chimney needed 

– Easy to store and transport 

– Very fast heating time with even heat distribution 

– Easier to control than charcoal grills with knobs for temperature and burners with dials for setting the right amount of heat 

– The Giantex Propane TableTop Gas Grill has five main parts: the stand, the propane tank, cooking grate and two big burners. This grill only weighs about 16 pounds and is very easy to assemble. 

– With this propane grill you can cook a wide variety of different foods since it has two large burners that each produce 10,000 BTU/h which is more than enough to quickly heat up your food.

– Since the propane grill gets hot quickly and evenly cooks your food with little hassle, you will be able to make a delicious meal for yourself and your family every time. 


– There can be a gas smell when the grill is first fired up, so you have to wait for it to burn off.

– You have to buy propane tanks or hook your hose up to a tank which may not always be convenient.

– The flavor isn’t as good as with charcoal grills.

6. Martin Portable Propane Bbq Gas Grill

Martin portable propane bbq gas grill, for that perfectly seared meal. With its piezo-ignition system, this cast aluminum cooking surface is compatible with both high and low pressure lines to give you maximum versatility whether you’re starting your grill in the backyard or heading to the campsite. The MARTIN will heat up quickly so no matter how many mouths are thinking about what they want for dinner, your food should be ready on time every time.

With Top 12 best gas grills under $200, we believe that you will find yourself a satisfactory product.


– Durable and lightweight, easy to transport.

– Compact and easy to store.

– 14000 BTU’s of cooking power for a quick cook time. 

– Folds up for easy storage. 

– Portable design. 

– Lightweight and safe to use. 

– Save time when cooking outdoors with this grill. 

– Outdoor grilling becomes more convenient with this grill.


– It has a portable propane gas grill.

– Martin Portable Propane Bbq Gas Grill runs on a lightweight type of fuel which ignites easily and burns cleanly in a small, steady stream-propane gas. 

– Martin Gas Grill is that it provides a high heat output. This grill will give you up to 50,000 BTUs of cooking power so you can cook foods quickly and easily. 

– It has great ignition using push-button electronic ignition system. The push-button electronic ignition starts much faster than other types of ignition. 

– This product has adjustable temperature control for cooking convenience, The temperature control feature on Martin Gas Grill lets you customize how you like your food to be cooked.

– It has a stainless steel burner for durability and longevity. The durable stainless steel burner in Martin Portable Propane Bbq Gas Grill ensures long life and great performance. 

– Martin Gas Grill is that it has a folding side shelves. You can fold down the attached side shelves for compact storage and portability after you are finished using your grill.


– Most people also find difficulty cleaning the unit after use and complain about grease build-up around the burner parts because there is no proper drip tray provided. Cleaning this gas grill is also tricky because the burner parts are under the grating and there is no way you can reach them.

– The Martin portable propane barbecue gas grill has only one burner that features infrared heating technology. Many users say that they like its quality, but wish it had two burners instead of just one.

7. Royal Gourmet Regal GB2000 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill

For those who want a reliable and affordable grill for all their grilling needs, the Royal Gourmet Regal GB2000 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill is perfect. With two independently controlled burners for even temperature distribution as well as large cooking space on its flat surface, this grill will meet any of your needs regardless of how heavy they may be laid upon it. For easy cleanup, there is a removable grease trap that also provides enough room to prepare food right next to the campfire and with the help of an electronic ignition system you can always light up in seconds!

You can find the best gas grills under $200 in this list, so take your time and enjoy!


– Effortless transport with a wheeled griddle that has two large caster wheels and a brake system. 

– Cook more food at once. 

– Get a quick start with high BTUs. 

– 486 square inches cooking area in total: you can cook more at once because of the large surface area.

– No more burnt pans from cooking on an electric stove! 

– Cook for your friends and family with ease.

– A grease management system that makes cleanup easy and effortless for any cook.


– 9mm ceramic coated steel tube burners that resist corrosion and rusting which results in higher quality performance with less flare ups 

– Front mounted control knobs provide safety by not allowing the gas to flow unless the control knob is turned fully on.

– Higher quality stainless steel cooking grids which cooks food more evenly than other brands 

– The one piece stainless steel design makes it easier to clean and maintain this grill because there are no gaps or crevices where grease can get stuck like with some other brands.

– This grill has an electronic ignition system that allows for easy start-ups every time you use the grill. When you turn on the gas, all you have to do is push down on the electronic ignition button and you’ll see a small spark between two points. 

– The bottom shelf of the grill is also a good thing to have as it provides extra storage underneath the unit where you can keep tools or other barbecue essentials.

– There are two large wheels located on either side of the grill which make it easy to move around when needed without having to lift it.

– One main advantage with this model is that all of its components can be detached and cleaned separately in your dishwasher including the grease tray, grid assembly and cooking grids. 


Stainless Steel Finish – The exterior of the grill will show fingerprints and water marks easily, which can be annoying to some users.

– Assembly Required – Some users have complained that it takes a while to assemble this product when they receive it from Amazon or other online retailers. Assembly usually shouldn’t take more than an hour though.

8. Char-Broil Portable 240 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Portable Gas Grill is the perfect on-the-go grill for tailgating, beach parties and camping. Its 240 square inches of cooking space leaves room for up to 6 to 8 burgers at a time. Painted porcelain body has carry handles that are easy to transport, with temperature gauges mounted to the lid that are near your eye level making it super easy to monitor temperatures while you BBQ. With one 9,500 BTU burner throwing out flames at 15,000 degrees Fahrenheit this gas powered grilling machine will have everyone coming back for seconds! The legs make it possible for the 225 lb appliance set anywhere you want – on top of your picnic table or sitting firmly directly on any surface thanks to its sturdy.

With all the wonderful things of Char-Broil Portable 240 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, we believe it deserves to be included in the best gas grills under $200.


– Cook up to 240 square inches of food at once. 

– Durable porcelain body is perfect for outdoor use. 

– Compact design for easy storage and transport.

– Cook with the power of propane.

– Make your favorite dishes anywhere you are. 

– Get back to cooking outdoors, camping style.


– Char-Broil Portable 240 Liquid Propane Gas Grill has a built in lid handle, fold away side shelves, and a porcelain enameled grate for great flavors. 

– It also comes with two adjustable chrome plated cooking grills so the food will never get stuck to the grill while being cooked. 

– It may be light but provides ample space for food that is easy to access due to the fold away design. 

– It comes with a built in lid handle for carrying that is very sturdy, as well as two fold away side shelves if extra space is needed during cooking or to place other items on.

– The grills are adjustable and porcelain enameled which makes it easy to clean and holds the flavors from the food being cooked better than any other grate types. 

– Char-Broil Portable 240 Liquid Propane Gas Grill also has a large warming rack so multiple foods can be enjoyed at once instead of having to wait your turn inside the grill.During The summertime days, you’ll want a portable outdoor grill so you can enjoy delicious grilled dishes without heating up your home kitchen. 


– Limited Cooking Space  The Char Broil portable has 1,360 square inches (9627˚c㎡) of space on its primary cooking surface which might not be enough for people who regularly cook for a crowd.

– The maximum temperature you can get from the burners of this portable gas grill is around 575˚F (300°C), which output a low flame that is much less intense than the high-temperature high-flame setting you get from other grills.

9. Cuisinart CGG-180TB Portable Propane

If you crave charcoal, taste the difference of a great grill! The Cuisinart CGG-180TB is perfect for when your family want to have hamburgers and hot dogs from an outdoor grill. It’s compact size allows this portable propane range cooker to be put almost anywhere for convenience. It comes with a large cooking grate that will cook most family meals in one sitting – 8 steaks, 8 hamburgers, 6 – 10 chicken breasts or over 4 pounds of fish. The manufacturers take no shortcuts in their product either: From its professional tone to folding legs, convenient carry handle and spill resistant drip tray; you can’t go wrong with this purchase on tight cash flow days.

So Cuisinart CGG-180TB Portable Propanewill definitely be an indispensable product among the best gas grills under $200.


– Easy to assemble, transport, and store. 

– Durable construction for years of use.

– Safely monitor gas flow with regulator.

– Grill is the perfect size for small spaces.

– Transporting grill is easy with handle on top of lid lock.

– The grill has a porcelain enameled grate which distributes the heat evenly. 

– It weighs only 17 lbs., making it easy to transport and ideal for decks, patios, balconies, camping. 

– Cook food faster than ever before with this grill’s 5500 BTU burner. 

– You’ll be able to cook up large amounts of food on 145 square inches of grates.

– The grill is easy to transport.

– It’s great for camping, decks, patios, and balconies.


– The Cuisinart CGG-180TB is a propane grill that you can use anywhere there’s access to a propane tank and an adequate power source 

– This particular model has the built-in convenience of being portable, meaning it can be taken wherever you need to take it.

– The compact design allows this grill to fit easily on small patios or balconies without having to sacrifice any cooking space.

– Powered by any standard 110-120 volt outlet or a portable propane tank with the CGG-180TB Portable Propane Tank Adapter.

– The built in electronic ignition means there’s no more fiddling with getting a long, fat lighter just right so you can light your grill without burning your hand off on the side of the stainless steel body. 

– A grease management system keeps flareups from being a problem meaning less cleanup time for you after every use of the grill.

– This Cuisinart grill gives you enough space to cook up to 22 burgers in one go, meaning it’s great for outdoor parties and gatherings where there are a lot of mouths to feed.

– On top of its full stainless steel body, the Cuisinart CGG-180TB portable propane grill is also very easy to clean up. 


– The first con about this product is that it can only use one of those disposable cylinders of propane as its fuel source, which you have to buy at the store. 

– The other con is that it has a relatively small cooking area of only 180 square inches, which means it can’t be used to cook for larger groups of people at once.

10. Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane, Grillster 8,000 BTU Portable Gas Grill

The Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane has everything you need for grilling delicious burgers, steaks, chicken breasts, and veggies with ease. The grill hood lifts up to give you access to the cooking surface with no struggle. Features include dishwasher safe enameled porcelain cooking grate that is removable for easy cleanups. Fold-down side shelves give you options on how to set up your grill space without compromising control of food temperature or flavor. With a twist-light ignition knob and carrying case included, the Cuisinart Grillster makes this grilling experience as easy as it can be!

Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane may be one of the best gas grills under $200 that you should add to your choice.


– Easy to transport and set up. 

– Spend less time assembling the grill and more time grilling.

– 8, 000 BTU burner for quick and even heating. 

– Compact design is perfect for small spaces. 

– The 146 square inch cooking surface gives you plenty of room to cook all your favorite dishes at once! 

– The grill’s compact size makes it easy to transport and store when not in use.


– The grill is built with aluminum, which makes it very lightweight and stable over other types of grills that use steel as the base material

– The cooker is easy to clean because it has no crevices. The lid and pan are dishwasher-safe. 

– It can boil water in just two minutes with four large adjustable settings that include boiling, simmering, frying, and steaming with automatic shut-off when cooking time is up or flame goes out after 15 minutes on high setting.

– You can cook up to six strips of bacon at once or one entire meal in one pot which reduces time spent cooking.

– The Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane Gas Grill is an excellent propane gas grill that does not smell, burn your food, or waste product.

– It has a drawer at the bottom for storage of cooking utensils so they do not clutter around your cooking area.

– The 11inch diameter cast iron grate prevents food particles from falling through the gaps between the bars which ensures that the flavors remain in the food.

– This grill does not require any charcoal, lighter fluid or propane canisters – It is powered by an 8,000 BTU gas burner which produces strong flames with very little fuel 

– There are 4 foldable legs at the base of the grill which make it more stable on uneven surfaces.


– The temperature range is rather low compared to other types of grills, and this might be difficult when cooking dishes that require high heat.

-There are no vents in this model so it’s difficult to control the amount of flame coming out.

– Cleaning up after using this grill is also slightly harder with other models.

11. Dyna-Glo DGC310CNP-D 3-Burner Open Cart Propane Gas Grill

The Dyna-Glo DGC310CNP-D 3-Burner Open Cart Propane Gas Grill in Black features (3) 8,000 BTU stainless steel burners with a total cooking area of 449 sq. in. The 310 sq. in. primary cooking area houses easy to clean porcelain cooking grates and porcelain coated heat tents that help vaporize foods’ natural juices to add flavor to your food while spreading the heat to create an even cooking surface. The porcelain enamel warming rack provides an additional 139 sq. in., perfect for keeping food warm and 2 large side tables furnish extra food preparation space so you can prep everything at once!

It would be remiss if among best gas grills under $200 no appearance of Dyna-Glo DGC310CNP-D 3-Burner.


– Size: The grilling surface is 29″ x 16″, which should be enough space for most grilling purposes, for between 1-2 people. 

– There are three stainless steel burners under this grill, each with its own adjustable regulator knob so you can control the heat output separately from each other.

– There are side shelves to place food and tools on, as well as a wire mesh top shelf that is great for letting air circulate around your grill so it can stay cool.

– Material used: The grilling surface is made of cast iron

– The lid/housing is made of stainless steel with just a thin layer of chrome plating over it to protect it from rusting. 

– The grill has three adjustable burners that allows you to control different temperatures for cooking or searing your food. 


– The Dyna-Glo DGC310CNP-D 3-Burner (starting at $89, Amazon ) can be used for smoking because it has a very large cooking area. 

– It’s also powerful enough to maintain very high temperatures and includes four fully adjustable stainless steel burners that produce up to 65,000 BTUs of heat.

– The Dyna-Glo DGC310CNP-D 3 Burner is powered by natural gas and comes with a built in temperature gauge so you know exactly when the grill is ready to use. 

– The porcelain enamel coated cast iron cooking grates are rust resistant and easy to clean. This unit also features a heat resistant powder coated steel frame which is easy to assemble without any external tools; it comes with assembly instructions included. 

– The Dyna-Glo DGC310CNP-D 3 burner propane gas grill does not require any additional accessories to function, like cover or wheels for example.


– The finish on the outside will wear down after several years of use. Many users complain that the grills exterior look like they are rusted even if they take care of it well. 

– This grill is not as well insulated as others, meaning that people report having to wait significantly longer for their grills to heat up.

12. American Gourmet 467730217 Classic

The American Gourmet Classic 280 is the perfect choice for the person that wants the added convenience of cooking with gas without sacrificing quality. Featuring two stainless steel in-line burners it delivers 20,000 BTU’s of heat across a generous surface area so you can comfortably take on large family meals. With convenient features like porcelain coated grates and great energy efficiency, American Gourmet has made grilling easy and carefree. You won’t believe what this grill can do!

It would be fair that the only remaining position of Top 12 best gas grills under $200 belong to American Gourmet 467730217 Classic.


– Grill all your favorite foods on the large 280 square inches of cooking space. 

– The porcelain-coated steel lid and firebox stand up to weather and the elements, so you can use it in any environment. 

– It’s easy to assemble, and the instructions are clear. 

– Cooking performance with two stainless steel in-line burners. 

– Cook like a pro with reliable piezo ignition system that starts up quickly and easily every time.

– Porcelain coated steel lid and firebox stand up to weather and the elements. 

– Metal side shelves measure 12″ w x 13″ l providing extra storage and prep space.


– It has features heavy-gauge aluminum construction so you can be sure that it will hold up strong through all kinds of usage. 

– It comes with commercial quality materials and a satin exterior finish that makes it look great in most kitchens.

– This product features a nonstick interior so you can be sure that your food will never stick to the surface of the dish when you use it. 

– This product’s dimensions are 10 x 20 x 13 inches. That means you can easily place it inside your cabinet without worrying about taking up too much space on your countertop or in your cabinets.

– This type of dish has been around for some time now and many people still find its durability highly impressive. You will never need to worry about replacing this product soon because it seems like it will last for years on end.

– The griddle plate is a good 12 inches by 24 inches in size. It heats up quickly and gets super-hot for searing steaks or making hash browns on the spot. 

-Cleanup is a breeze – just wipe down with a wet paper towel or cloth after use, let it cool, then give it a light spray with cooktop cleaner and buff with paper towels. 

– American Gourmet 467730217 Classic gives you high quality cooking results, ease of use, durability and style without breaking your budget!


– The black coating on the grill plates wears off quickly 

– There is no timer, so you must keep an eye on your food. 

Buying Guides on The Best Gas Grills Under $200

What is Gas Grills?

Gas grills are one of the newest additions to the grill family, with an emphasis on new. So if you’re wondering what is a gas grill, it’s exactly that – just a grill that uses propane or natural gas as its heat source instead of charcoal. This means you have some added conveniences over traditional grilling methods, like the fact that you don’t need to wait for a grill to heat up and your food won’t taste like smoke (or charcoal).

The heat source is also more predictable than with wood, charcoal or even propane alone. This makes them great for beginners or people who might be hesitant about trying gas grills because they aren’t confident in their ability to light and maintain a fire. Gas grills also heat up quickly and stay hot for as long as you need them, meaning that once your preheated grill is ready, it will be at the right temperature until you’re done cooking (or if you don’t use it for a few hours).

The one major drawback of gas grills is that they aren’t really capable of imparting those wonderful, smoky flavors that make some foods taste so good. If this is what you’re looking for in a grill, there are some ways to get around this – like using wood chips or chunks on top of your coals/gas burners – but even then the flavor won’t be exactly the same.

How does a gas grill work?

A better question to ask yourself when wondering what gas grills are is how to use a gas grill. If you’re already familiar with one, you know that they’re extremely easy to use and can get started almost immediately (unlike wood or charcoal). All you really need to get started is the propane tank to get it going. Some models come with their own (usually smaller) tanks, but if not they should be relatively cheap – even more so than buying matches or lighter fluid.

Once your grill is heated up properly, simply place your food on the grate and close the lid for searing hot temperatures all around your meat/vegetables. This makes cooking times short (even fast grilling methods like grilling steaks take about half an hour on a gas grill) and makes it easy to sear your food for that nice, caramelized flavor without overcooking the inside portions.

To start grilling with gas , all you really need is a propane tank, but some models are more versatile than others.  Some have side burners, which give you more space for grilling your foods and boiling water. Others have infrared cooking surfaces that crisp up the outside of meats without overcooking the inside or leaving those barbecue grill marks most people prefer.

What do you do when you first use a gas grill?

I just got a new grill and want to learn how to use it properly.

To start off, make sure you have enough propane in your tank before starting the grill. This should be about 10 minutes before grilling time. To ensure your gas grill is preheated for cooking:

#1. Turn ALL burners on high and leave them this way for 15 minutes (use an oven mitt or towel to turn the knobs). Burners will glow red during this time, which is normal.

*You can also choose not to preheat your gas grill at all by using the “High” setting on all three burners (NOT recommended unless you like burnt food).

#2. After preheating, turn all knobs to medium and shut the lid until it is time to cook.

*Burners will cycle on and off for a few minutes, which is also normal. You can not turn any of the knobs below medium while preheating because doing so would stop the burners from cycling properly. Once all three burners have cycled on and off for 15 minutes, they will remain on at a lower temperature even after you turn all but one knob down.

#3. Let your grill further heat between 5-10 minutes before starting to cook (while still keeping one burner on high). Preheating like this ensures your food cooks evenly and thoroughly with less chance of flare ups (i.e., charred or burnt food) after your food goes on your grill.

FAQs about The Best Gas Grills Under $200

How to Select a Gas Grill?

A family is usually not complete without a grill. So if you are one of those people who are looking for a new gas grill, there are certain factors to consider before purchasing. For example, are you looking for something big or small? Do you have enough space in your backyard to accommodate the size of the gas grill that you need? Will you use it just during weekends with family and friends, or will it be used on a daily basis?

Before anything else, do some research about the different types of gas grills available in the market. You can go online or read any cooking magazines at home to learn more about them. These tips may also help:

– Fuel type 

If you would like to cook quickly over a high temperature, then go for a gas grill. However, you have to watch out because this material can easily catch fire.

– Size 

The size of the grill will depend on how big your family is and how often you would use it. If you live in an apartment near the beach or where there are many parties with relatives or friends, then you might want something smaller that could fit into your lifestyle. On the other hand, if you are living in a bigger area where grilling can be done almost every day, then buy one that is bigger in order to accommodate more food at once.

– Ease in cleaning 

If cooking can be done quickly in just a few minutes over high heat, then cleaning up should be just as easy. Gas grills that are made out of stainless steel or porcelain-coated cast iron are much better than other types because food would not stick to the surface, making it easier to clean them after cooking.

– Cost 

If you consider yourself a tightwad, then you’ll want to buy something that is within your budget. However, although cheaper gas grills may look like great bargains at first glance, they may only last for a few months, especially if they are used regularly. So make sure you think about this one carefully before taking the final step and buying one.

With our above criteria, choosing a suitable machine among of  top 12 best gas grills under $200 will definitely be within everyone’s reach.

How do you clean a gas grill?

Gas grills are easy to use, and relatively low-maintenance when compared with charcoal grills. Unlike most charcoal models, your gas grill only needs a thorough cleaning annually rather than after every use. Here’s how to go about it:

Shut off the propane tank and walk away from the grill. Remove the cooking grate by lifting it up and over the heating elements.  This is usually done using long metal tongs (or you can wear heavy gloves). Use a wire brush or scraper to remove debris from the exterior of the grill housing  If food has spilled inside, wipe down all surfaces with a lightly damp cloth then dry thoroughly with another soft cloth  Remove burners and heat tents in the same manner as the cooking grate 

If you used a wire brush or scraper on the interior, clean it thoroughly with hot water and dry it  Use a long handled grill brush to wipe down all surfaces of the cooking grates; rinse with fresh water and dry them again (do not use soap) 

Replace burners, heat tents and cooking grates in reverse order of how they were removed.

Choose one of top 12 best gas grills under $200 and clean it regularly for long-lasting use.

How often should I clean my gas grill?

This all depends on how much you cook and what types of foods you cook. But as a general rule of thumb, it’s best not to let the burnt-on particles build up too far before scraping them off so that your food will taste better. If the outside grate is covered with built-up residue, then you might want to scrub it down even more frequently. NOTE: It is important to remove the grates from the grill before cleaning if at all possible, otherwise doing this step could be very difficult.

Can a gas grill explode?

Explosion of the old style grills was common as they used to be made out of thin metal and because of faulty valves. But this kind of issue is now history as modern grills come with completely safe valves and are made from stainless steel or cast aluminum. So can a gas grill explode? Well, not really! At least not by itself. An explosion can happen only when flammable gas (propane) accumulates in area completely surrounded by flames and it will certainly blow up! You see that’s exactly what we want – to cook something on hot surface where all flammable gases go first. This is how we get delicious steaks, hamburgers other grill delicacies! Now think of what could go wrong? Well, if you have no gas switch the grill won’t work at all. If it’s on but without food or open flame nothing dangerous will happen either. But if your grill is equipped with a thermocouple and you forget to turn it off after use, there is a chance that some flammable gases will get trapped under ashes and smoldering coals. And when somebody lights up this area… BOOM!

You can prevent such disaster by making sure you turn off all valves properly after grilling and also remember to wait for the right time (a few minutes) before starting fire. What else should we say about safety? Just be aware of puddles of unburned liquid propane that accumulate under grill and vaporize when lit up. If they catch fire, forget about your eyebrows! Also do not light the area where you just poured gasoline for your lawn mower or weed eater. It’s just too dangerous.

You should also avoid using grills indoors as most of them are made for outdoor use only (they emit poisonous gases). However if you want to cook indoors be sure to place a BBQ cover over top of grill (no matter what kind of grill it is) before lighting it up. A good option would be Grill Dome  a porcelain enamel coated cast aluminum dome with hinged double-wall stainless steel lid which will make your indoor grilling look like… well outdoor one! All in all, a grill is safe as long as you take care of it properly. So can a gas grill explode? Not really! But what comes to mind when somebody says “explosion” – propane-fueled fire in an inferno.

Conclusion paragraph: After reading this article about top 12 best gas grills under $200, you should be able to make the best decision for your next gas grill purchase. Consider all of these factors when looking at different models and brands. And remember that no matter what type of burner system or cooking area you prefer, there’s a grill out there made just for you!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best gas grills under $200. If we missed your favorite grill, please let us know and we’ll be sure to include it in a future article! Stay tuned for more articles about other products and keep coming back as we continue updating content regularly.