Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus: Which Is Better Coffee Maker?

If you are in the market for a new coffee maker, you may be wondering if you should choose the Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus. While both machines have some similarities, there are also some key differences that can help you decide which one is right for you. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at both machines and highlight the pros and cons of each one. We hope this information will help you make an informed decision about which coffee maker is best for your needs.

What Is Nespresso Vertuo Next?

Nespresso Vertuo next is a new coffee machine designed to make the process of preparing a good cup of coffe more easier and faster. The Nespresso Vertuo, unlike many other machines requires no pods for brewing, but actually grinds the whole beans before it brews your coffee “the old fashion way”.

The original Nespresso machine may have been one of the easiest ways to make a cup of coffee, but for many users this was also an area where it fell short. The Nespresso Vertuo Next promises to do away with all those problems and even earn you points on your local supermarket or other loyalty programs by being able to scan barcodes on Nespresso capsules.

The Nespresso Vertuo next is a new machine which allows you to brew coffee in two different cup sizes, the usual espresso and also lungo – more like regular coffee. The original Nespresso machine has no way of altering this. You simply put the capsule inside the machine, close it up and press one of the buttons for your drink.

The Nespresso Vertuo next comes with a built-in grinder. This means you have to grind the coffee fresh before every brew, but it also means no more soggy grounds when you empty the capsule into the bin. All the parts are dishwasher safe when you eventually come to take them apart. There’s an adjustable cup stand inside too, so even if you’re making espresso sized drinks they should still fit in most cups or glasses under normal circumstances.

Nespresso is also including two different sets of capsules in the box – one for espresso and another one for lungo, which basically make sure that your first few cups will taste exactly how they should. After that it all depends on which variety of Nespresso capsules you buy from the supermarket.

The main reason for putting a grinder and cup stand inside the Vertuo Next is apparently to allow users to make regular ground coffee as well as espresso and lungo sized drinks. The idea here is that you can grind your own beans and then pop them into a capsule with one of those built-in holders, which should be enough to keep it all level if you’re putting in even mildly coarse ones like those usually found in supermarkets.

There may not be any pods involved here but there’s no getting around the fact that this machine will still use capsules – at least at first. However Nespresso does say that eventually they’ll start producing their own coffee beans and sell them in bags just like other brands do.

Coffee enthusiasts won’t be impressed to see that this machine still relies on a built-in grinder, which means you can’t use freshly roasted beans if you want your Vertuo Next to work properly. However Nespresso says it’s working on a solution for this too. The Vertuo next will simply grind the beans and then distribute them evenly over the coffee powder drawer using a special air pressure system, so at least there shouldn’t be any mess involved when you take the whole thing apart for cleaning purposes later on…

How To Make Coffee With Nespresso Vertuo Next

Nespresso VertuoNext is a coffee machine that uses light-roasted Nespresso capsules, which are not compatible with any other Nespresso machines. They are easy to insert into the machine’s capsule container. As you pull out the drip tray, place them inside without removing them from their wrapping. Then close the tray and press one of the two cup sizes (either Espresso or Lungo) on top of it . You can also choose to use either an espresso glass or a mug if you want your drink in that size instead.

First thing to do is remove the cap at one end of each pod to expose its contents. If your pods have already been opened before, make sure to close them again afterwards so as not to lose coffee inside the machine. Then, pull down the handle to open the capsule compartment at the top of your machine.

Pour a glass of water and put it under nozzle so that it can be filled with hot water during brewing process. Do this for both sides of the coffee maker. Now, place each pod into its respective side’s pod holder until you hear a clicking sound indicating that they have been securely locked in (this only works if they are full and unopened). Last but not least is to press either one of two cup sizes (Espresso or Lungo) before starting the flow of coffee.

As soon as all these steps are done, turn on your Nespresso VertuoNext by pressing once on its power button. A red light will then appear and both water chambers will start to heat up. You may notice some steam coming out of the top and/or bottom of your coffee maker. It is perfectly normal and can be ignored.

Once all this is done, you will see two lights on your machine’s front side turn green , indicating that everything has been set up properly for brewing . Your Nespresso VertuoNext is now ready to make either one cup of espresso or a larger mug (Lungo) filled with thick crema-topped coffee.

The next step is to place a cup or mug under your machine’s nozzle and press the button on its right side. After that, watch as the hot water travels from one chamber to another until it exits from the bottom of your coffee maker as a stream of delicious caffeinated liquid. When this fluid has reached about halfway up the glass or mug, you can stop pressing so as not to overflow it.

The Pros And Cons Of Nespresso Vertuo Next

The Pros

There are more than one benefits of using nespresso vertuonext capsules. The advantages of the product outweigh its disadvantages. Here are some pros to enjoy with your purchase.

– Better quality : Coffee lovers know that buying locally brewed coffee is almost certainly worse in terms of quality compared to pre-packaged versions. This is because it’s difficult for any coffee shop to maintain freshness without investing on top gear facilities, which makes their coffee less accessible and cheaper to produce at home or in office. Nespresso VertuoNext capsules are made by professional baristas who take pride in delivering premium coffee experience while maintaining optimum flavor for a richer taste you can never get from local coffee shops .

– Variety of choices : Each Nespresso VertuoNext capsules contains an expertly crafted, perfectly blended coffee that is sourced from high quality Arabica beans. That means you get to enjoy a variety of gourmet coffee flavors every time you use the capsules. This includes intense and bold coffees, mild yet creamy textures , teas, chocolates and more.

– Dependability : The Nespresso VertuoNext capsules are engineered to consistently deliver flavorful coffee for your best drinking experience. Whether you are looking to have an espresso shot or a full pot of coffee at the office break room, the capsules will never fail you by producing bitter taste or burned flavor.

– Easy cleaning : Coffee lovers know all too well how difficult it is to clean coffee machines. A typical machine can take hours of soaking and scrubbing before it’s capable of producing a fresh cup, especially if the last brew was left on the hot plate for too long . But with Vertuoline capsules , cleaning is easier than ever because you just need to dispose dirty pods in the recycling bin without scrubbing anything at all.

– More savings: Nespresso VertuoNext offers more value compared to its predecessor by minimizing waste (and maximizing flavor) with each use. The capsules are made of aluminum that is 95 percent recyclable. It means every time you enjoy your favorite beverage, you don’t have to worry about making some mess or throwing away something that is disposable yet eco-friendly like paper cups. This helps to reduce your environmental footprint, which is something every coffee lover should be proud of.

– Comfort : You just need to pull out capsules from the machine for you to enjoy gourmet coffee experience. There’s no more tamping or tamping paper needed anymore because the Nespresso VertuoNext has an automated process that does not depend on baristas alone. The machine will produce your drink according to your taste for a perfect cup every time without fail.

– Versatility : Not only will this system work with automatic espresso machines, it can also fit into any other brewing methods available in the market today. This makes Nespresso VertuoNext capsule versatile compared to other types of brands that can’t survive even 3 minutes of being put on a different machine.

– Convenience : Vertuoline system doesn’t only work with espresso machines, but it can also fit into any other brewing methods available in the market . This makes Nespresso VertuoNext versatile compared to other types of brands that can’t survive even 3 minutes of being put on another machine.

The Cons

There are no perfect products in this world so Nespresso VertuoNext has its downsides just like all others out there. Here are some cons you might consider before purchasing your own capsule coffee maker:

– Less durable : The aluminum used for the capsules is not as strong compared to stainless steel. You have to handle them carefully or they could break due to force.

– Limited capacity : Unlike other types of brewers that can accommodate up to 6 oz coffee in one serving, Nespresso VertuoNext can only produce half of it . The problem here is if you want a full cup of coffee at work , this machine cannot deliver what you expect from it so easily. You have to keep on making coffee one capsule at a time until you fill the whole pot.

– Less variety : Nespresso Capsules come in limited flavors, which means if you crave for something unique like hazelnut or vanilla, these machines will never produce it for you . It limits your options and makes it difficult to find the perfect flavor suited for your palate . The good news is that they will be launching new capsules soon so there’s hope yet.

What Is Nespresso Vertuoplus?

Nespresso Vertuoplus is an electrical coffee machine which has the capability of brewing one cup to four cups. It has a very sleek and slim design together with stainless steel finishing for its housing which gives it a classy look. This product has been released by Nespresso who are known as one of the leaders in producing high quality coffee machines.

This model which was recently launched into the market adds up two more buttons on its panel compared to the other models that were launched previously. These buttons include “Aroma” button to brew three different flavours (Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo) and “Sterzo” button which can be used if you want your coffee foamed. This model also has an automatic power-off function that allows the coffee machine to shut off after nine minutes of inactivity which can be very convenient especially if you want to save energy.

There is a one litre water tank on its top side which gives it a compact design and can hold enough water for brewing up to four cups of coffee consecutively or eight cups mixed with hot and cold water. It only takes about 15 seconds to heat up the water before you start preparing your favourite cup of coffee and three years warranty from Nespresso for this product as well as all other products released by them insures their quality and durability.

Nespresso Vertuoplus Coffee Maker comes with a price tag of $299 and can be bought from any Nespresso boutique or other major electrical retailers around your local area. It is produced by the same manufacturer for this product to ensure that their quality will not decrease and it also comes with two years warranty which starts from the date of purchase.

How To Make Coffee With Nespresso Vertuoplus

– Step 1: Turn on Coffee Maker

Turn on the coffee maker before you begin making your coffee!  A common mistake is to turn it on after starting.  If you do this, and then start using the Nespresso machine, your coffee will be done before there is any water in the reservoir.  The water must be hot enough to run through the coffee maker before it can drip into your cup.

– Step 2: Make Coffee

Pour water into the reservoir of the machine (the bottom section) at least to 20 oz.  Remove any excess air, and replace the lid. The water must be no higher than this line!  It will overflow if there is too much pressure in the machine.  If you accidentally do this, leave the kitchen immediately! Allow approximately 30 seconds for steam to form inside the machine, then place a cup under the spout.   If you are using beans, now would be an excellent time to grind them fresh with your grinder of choice , pour into filter funnel/holder, set on top of your cup, and press down. Add coffee creamer or sugar if desired.  Do not add the Nespresso VertuoLine capsules yet!

Step 3: Insert Capsules

Press the button labeled with a C.  This will make the drawer open underneath the spout, exposing all of your capsules.  Remove any excess air from inside each capsule by pressing down on it with slight pressure until you hear a snap sound when they are locked in place inside the machine.   The “express” process takes about 30 seconds per capsule, so don’t expect to have instant gratification here.

Place one under the spout, then press down until you hear that same snap signifying it is locked in place.  Continue this for as many capsules as you desire, but do not press the C button again after all capsules are in place!

– Step 4: Press Button And Drink Coffee

Now press the button labeled with an E – that is creme, or espresso depending on what type of coffee you desire.  It should take about 20 seconds per shot/capsule to catch up and pour into your cup.  If it does not come out right away, wait patiently.  This is a very common sign that something went wrong , so please read the error codes below. If no problem has occurred, enjoy! Continue making shots until all water in reservoir has been used up or desired number of shots have been made.

Press the E button again to reinsert capsules or refill reservoir.

– Step 5: Turn Coffee Maker Off, Clean Up, Enjoy Again Later!  (Recommended)

Turn off the coffee maker after use, because if left on it will continue heating water in its reservoir.  The machine is very top-heavy and may fall over, which could result in injury or product damage.  Clean up is an essential part of the process; please do not forget this!

If you enjoyed your drink(s), please clean out capsules and rotate stock as per Nespresso guidelines , put back in packaging and put away with lid off for use later.  If you’re like me, this is the best part.

Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus – Remember to clean all parts (especially the inside of the reservoir) with hot water and soap or alcohol if necessary!  Cleaning solutions are very dangerous for the machine, so please read product manuals before use.

The Pros And Cons Of Nespresso Vertuoplus

Are you looking for a high end coffee maker that uses capsules and produces top notch coffee? If yes, then Nespresso Vertuoplus Coffee Maker is the best product to consider. It has all the features of a high end machine and several of its key components are identical or similar to those used in more expensive models such as DeLonghi. Check out our review of this excellent coffee maker below…

The Pros

– Aesthetically pleasing design

The new Nespresso VertuoPlus has an elegant design with black and chrome dominating the composition. This gives it a stylish look which looks great in any kitchen.

– Compact size

Weighing just 7 pounds, this coffee maker is easy to move from one place to another. You can even carry it around easily.

– Capsule system

The Nespresso VertuoPlus uses the capsule system which is highly convenient and easy to use. Once you have inserted a capsule, the machine sends hot water under pressure through it at high speed to produce coffee of an excellent quality that is full of taste and rich in caffeine content. It also features a frothing wand which allows you to prepare cappuccinos with steamed milk if desired. Unfortunately, though, this model lacks a built-in grinder which would have increased its value proposition manifold.

– Autostart feature

After inserting one or more capsules, you can set this coffee maker on autostart mode using the rotary switch provided. Once the capsules are inserted the machine will turn on automatically and water is heated to a suitable temperature using a heating element covered with aluminum. In less than one minute, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee that tastes great.

– Removable drip tray

The removable drip tray ensures that any spill is quickly cleaned up from your kitchen countertop or other space where you have decided to place this coffee maker for brewing your favorite beverage.

– Powerful milk frother

This model features an advanced milk frothing system which can prepare cappuccinos and lattes in just a few minutes. More importantly, it has automatic cleaning features which allow it to maintain its performance even after extensive use over time so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it manually.

– Easy maintenance

The Nespresso VertuoPlus is very easy to maintain and you can provide good care of its components by leaving them out in the open for at least fifteen minutes after operating this coffee maker. This allows any moisture or condensation that has built up inside its parts to evaporate quickly and ensures that the internal components last long even with regular use.

– High quality construction

The new model features a stainless steel design which looks attractive and durable as well. The water tank, drip tray, milk frother and other key components are made using stainless steel which makes them highly durable against wear and tear over extended periods of time as compared to plastic or aluminum models.

– Automatic power off feature

The new Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee maker features an automatic shutoff feature which turns the machine off after nine minutes of inactivity. This helps save energy and also keeps you from worrying about turning it off manually at the end of every use.

The Cons

The manufacturer of the machine claims that this is a perfect choice for individuals who enjoy different types of coffee. The flavors include vanilla, nut and cacao, which make the taste taste like heaven. Although the machine seems perfect on paper, it has some amazing flaws in reality. So let’s check them out:

– Not Enough Flavor Variety

Some users complain that their cups taste flat and weak compared to other options offered by Nespresso such as Essenza Mini and OriginalLine Pixie . This is especially true when you use low-quality capsules with this model. Also, there are a lot of reports that this system doesn’t have enough flavor options, so some users resort to using pods from other machines in order to taste the differences.

– Poor Design

It is a common belief that Nespresso Vertuoplus coffee maker isn’t convenient because it has an uncomfortable design and takes too much space on the countertop. In addition, there are complaints saying that cords attached to capsules tend to pile up in a messy tangled knot which makes them difficult to be removed from the machine when needed.

– Some Units Get Hotter Than Normal

There were multiple accounts of people saying that they had their hands or fingers burned when they touched parts of this unit while it was operating. If you think about it, this is a serious problem because you can get hurt and cause a fire hazard in your kitchen at the same time.

– The Capsule Container Is Too Small

This unit has a small container for capsules, so it needs to be refilled all the time. Many users complain that they have to stand next to the unit while it’s operating just to add more capsules or to empty it before they are full.

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus Coffee Maker Comparison

The following is a comparison of Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus models. These devices are owned by the same company so they share similar design concepts, but there are substantial differences between them which you should take into account before purchasing one.

– Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus: Design and Usability Comparison

You can use these examples to compare how each machine looks like and what components or functions they have. You can also find out which model is more user-friendly by checking out advice on best cappuccino maker.

Vertuo Plus Design Concepts

Both models of Nespresso Vertuo are designed for maximum convenience. They both have a compact size that does not take too much space on your kitchen table or coffee bar. Key components are located right at the front which means that you don’t have to go through any hassle to get access to them when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your device. Also, their design makes both devices easy to use so they can be operated by anyone without previous experience with similar appliances.

Vertuo Next looks slightly more modern than its older brother but this is not taking into account all of its features. While there is nothing wrong with its sleek black body, Vertuoplus offers some extra functions while still being stylishly new-looking. The main advantage of the latter is that it comes with a built-in grinder which allows you to make your own fresh ground coffee or espresso. If you want a device for both making espresso and percolated coffee, Vertuoplus might be a better choice because it offers more options in this regard.

Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus: Building Quality Differences

Vertuo Plus looks like a sleek machine made from durable materials but Nespresso used cheaper plastic parts when they designed Vertuo Next. It’s not only about the outer shell; most critical components are also made of similar material (e.g., brewing unit). Obviously, this is one of the reasons why the price is lower than in case of Vertuoplus. On the other hand, it’s not that bad when you consider its price tag and all of its features compared to Vertuoplus’ enhanced options for grinding and preparing coffee or espresso in different ways.

Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus: Coffee Capsule Technology Differences

There is one similarity between these two models when it comes to how they use Nespresso capsules: both devices come with an automatic capsule ejection system. This means that when the process is finished, there will be no need to take out used pods by yourself any more! You might think this is a small matter but after using such device every day, you start appreciating this solution more and more with time (and also your cleaning lady).

Vertuoplus goes further with its choice of capsules. Aside from classic Nespresso ones made of aluminum, this device is capable of using VertuoLine capsules that are slightly larger in size and have different content. For example, the latter contains more coffee meaning you get stronger beverage compared to what’s possible with classic Nespresso pods which are usually designed for just one cup. This also applies to milk capsules so if you want a creamy drink, VertuoPlus will be a perfect choice for your needs.

Vertuo Plus has only 1 button at the el so there is no need to worry about adjusting machine settings before making your favorite drink. On the other hand, Vertuoplus manual controls because it comes with 2 separate buttons: one is used to turn the grinder on/off and the other one is responsible for selecting grinding settings. This might be a bit confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, you will appreciate this extra functionality which makes your beverage even more customizable.

Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus: Performance Differences

When it comes to brewing coffee or espresso, both Nespresso models are almost equally fast (or slow). For a single cup of coffee, it takes about 25 seconds from inserting a cartridge until your machine starts operating. Of course, if you want to use milk capsules instead of classic ones with ground beans, this process will take longer because heating milk usually requires more time than making espresso. In any case, you won’t be spending more than 1 minute waiting for your drink to be ready.

Vertuoplus has an edge over VertuoNext thanks to its built-in grinder which allows you to choose between 5 grinding levels. On the other hand, this model is still not as fast because it takes about 30 seconds until espresso can be made after turning on the device (including heating milk). Even though both features look similar at first sight, grinder in Vertuoplus is notably better once you consider all of its superior options when it comes to grinding coffee or making milky drinks.

Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus: Price Differences

It might seem that these two Nespresso models are equally priced but there are some considerable differences in terms of prices depending on where you are located. Taking popularity into account, VertuoNext is usually more expensive than Vertuoplus mainly because this device was released slightly earlier so many people already bought it. Since both devices have almost the same performance and features, I would say that there is no need to overpay for something that will do the same job only a little bit better.

Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus: Pros & Cons Sheer brewing speed makes these two models pretty similar although Nespresso managed to make slight improvements by adding automatic ejection system for used capsules. However, once you get beyond this novelty feature, cost-savings begin right away thanks to lower price tag and use of regular Nespresso pods.

On the other hand, Vertuoplus can hold its own thanks to built-in grinder and 24 adjustable grinding levels which allows you to make your coffee or espresso even more customized than before. Because of these differences in terms of performance and versatility, I would recommend this model over VertuoNext for everyone who is looking for long-term solution when it comes to making beverages at home instead of simple alternative with disposable capsules.

VertuoPlus vs Vertuo Next: Which One Should You Buy?

VertuoPlus is the older one among both these machines. This machine was launched back in 2012 which means that it has been more than 5 years now since its launch. You may not need to buy this machine unless you really like its design or size because it does not offer any new features which you can get in VertuoNext nowadays. However, if you are still interested in buying this machine then make sure that it works properly and perfectly for your coffee making needs else don’t invest money on such products with no updates or new features included. It would be better if you read Nespresso Coffee Machine Reviews for further details.

On the other hand, we have another product known as Next version of Nespresso Vertuo which is also known as VertuoPlus. This machine has been recently launched in the market and it looks like a sleek coffee machine with all new and updated features. You can expect lots of things from this one when compared to its predecessor which means you will be able to enjoy better coffee making experiences than before because it comes with so many improvements over the older version. As per Nespresso Coffee Machine Reviews, this machine is really good at making delicious Espressos, Lattes and Cappuccinos by using capsules in just few minutes because it brews coffee much faster than other products available in the market right now. If you are wondering about what you might need then we strongly recommend that you should buy this product without even thinking too much because it is really good than any other single serve coffee maker out there.

Comparing Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus: Grind Size Control, Coffee Strength Control and More!

When it comes to comparing these two products then you should know that they both are not the same but they do offer similar features in them so that users can buy according to their needs. However, VertuoPlus has fewer features than VertuoNext which means it will be easier for you if you want to buy a machine with lower price tag attached to it. Both these machines come with one year of warranty period so it would be better if you check all those details before making your final call because this may make a difference between buying or avoiding one product. However, we feel that it is safe to say that VertuoNext is a better product compared to the older one because it comes with all new and updated features which you can get in any high-end coffee machines these days. So, if you are ready to invest little more money then there is no reason for not buying this machine because it will last longer than other products available out there.

Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus: Conclusion!

Now after comparing both of these products, we believe that it would be easy for you if you want to go ahead and purchase either of them since they both offer similar things but with some minor differences as well. This means that users who had bought VertuoPlus earlier can easily switch to VertuoNext because you will not lose many features in it. However, if you are a new customer and this is your first time to invest money on such products then we highly recommend that you should go with VertuoNext without even thinking too much about anything else because it offers better features in it. If you still have any confusion then feel free to ask us through comments section because our team will be more than happy to help you out with best possible way!

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When comparing the Vertuo Next vs Vertuoplus devices, it’s clear that they’re both great coffee makers with a few differences. The most notable difference is in their price point. While you might be able to find cheaper models of coffee machines online or at your local discount store, these two are certainly one of the best options when considering features such as brew time and water temperature control. It’s worth noting that while we can’t say which model will suit each individual customer better based on this review alone (they have different strengths), there’s no denying that either machine would make an excellent addition to any kitchen countertop.

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