Verismo Vs Keurig: What Coffee Maker Is Better?

In a world where so many people rely on their coffee maker to get them going in the morning, it’s no wonder there are so many different types of makers available. The two most popular single-serve coffee makers are the Verismo Vs Keurig. They both have many similarities, but there are also some differences. Most people would think that they must be in competition because of their similar price points; however, if you look at it in another way, they compliment each other well by serving different needs for different consumers. Both machines make excellent coffee drinks with no mess or fuss, so which one is right for you? Let’s break down the features to help you decide! 

1. What is Verismo

The Verismo system is a commercial and home coffee maker and espresso machine by Starbucks. It uses sealed plastic capsules containing ground coffee or an “espresso shot” instead of conventional coffee grounds or ESE pods.

The brewer’s purpose is to produce hot water, steam, and the proper amount fo crema (the dark brown foam on top of freshly-made espresso) in such a way that these three elements mix properly with each other and the brewed liquid flows into the cup or other desired receptacle. The process is similar to that used in many espresso machines found in cafes.

Thus far only two types of capsules are available for this brewer—coffee (sold under Starbucks’ own brand name) and latte macchiato.

2. Pros And Cons Of Verismo Coffee Maker 

The Verismo by Starbucks is a coffee maker that combines the ease of single serve coffee preparation with the milk steaming ability to create lattes and other beverages. This article explores the benefits, cons, and best practices for using this machine to make your own home version cafe drinks.


– Cappuccinos are easy! You can make them in less than 5 minutes, at home or even on-the-go! All you need is water, steam milk (maybe add some sugar), dump it into the cup with espresso shots. Done.

– You can use any type of milk you want! The steamer works just fine with whole milk to give you rich microfoamppuccinos. However if you go to a specialty coffee shop, you’ll see that they only use non-fat milk.. Finely textured milk tastes better.. So why not have both? The Verismo can do just that.

– It’s fast! Just dump in the water and drop in your cup. In less than 20 seconds, this little machine will beep and it’s ready for another. You can quickly make a second or third drink without much delay.

– There is no mess! Pour out the cold water from the first brew and we’re done! The detachable drip tray can catch any spills or drippings and it’s dishwasher-friendly (top rack).

– All you need is coffee beans to make your drinks. Since the Verismo uses pre-ground, Starbucks coffee packets with their own unique roast and flavor profile, you can buy as much as you want without having to worry about the pricey grinder.

– The espresso shots come in a variety of roasts so there is something for everyone. Some are more dark than others but they all depend on your personal preference.

– You don’t need electricity! There’s nothing better than having an instant portable, self-contained and completely mobile coffee maker that does not require any power source at all. Just add hot or cold water and voila! You’re ready to go! Perfect for camping trips.. Or just travel whenever you please.. On foot or by car!

– No need to make espressos! Ever since coffee can be brewed using steam, it is possible to make your own version of lattes at home. Replace the espresso shots with milk for added caffeine-free drinks.

– You can adjust this to cater to your taste buds too! There are 2 strength settings that can be adjusted by pressing 1 or 2 buttons on the machine.. All you need is a glass of water and practice manipulating the amount of milk and espresso shots involved.

– The Verismo has its own “Brewing Pause ‘n Serve” technology built into it’s design so you don’t have to wait until one cup fills up before starting your next brew.. Perfect for those people who like their coffee strong.. With this feature, you can make your coffee in weaker batches. Just put in the milk and go..

– It’s like having a cafe machine in your kitchen! This is perfect for people who love Starbucks but may not always have the time to drive to one when they want their caffeine fix. Now you can save that much more time by making it yourself fast! No need to wait in long lines or stand behind impatient customers at the counter too!

– The Verismo comes with its own unique coffee packets so you don’t have to worry about finding compatible cups. There are 8 flavors available: House Blend, Breakfast Blend, Italian Roast, Decaf Italian Roast, Pike Place Roast, Sumatra Paskal blend, Colombia Narino Supremo, and Costa Rica Tarrazu.

– You can improve the quality of your drinks! Most people don’t realize this.. But it’s true.. The Verismo comes with its own milk frother which you can use to make rich hot or cold foam-textured milk by adjusting the temperature settings accordingly. Now you can create all kinds of unique lattes at home with flavors not found in cafes! Such as Caramel Macchiato (caramel syrup added into steamed milk), Mocha (espresso shot mixed with chocolate), Vanilla Latte (whipped cream on top!), etc. Just play around with the machine and see what you like most out of it!

– The Verismo does not take up much counter space at all! It fits perfectly on the kitchen counter and doesn’t require too much work to maintain. Just be sure to wipe it down with a damp cloth occasionally and you’re good as new!

– The Verismo comes in 3 colors: black, white and red. Even if your kitchen décor is primarily glassware and silverware for example, this machine will blend in nicely without standing out too blatantly. For those who love their color-coordinated everything, this product won’t look out of place even if you have lots of other coffee mugs and cups..

– You can use almost all types of milk in this machine! From soy milk to creamers.. Lactose-free products are also compatible with this device which is perfect if anyone in your household has allergies or intolerances. It possible to enjoy a wide variety of drinks in the comfort of your own home without having to worry about allergies at all!

– With a choice of high speed sizes (18 oz vs. 15 oz), low foam options, iced drinks, hot chocolate, tea and more, now everyone can choose their favourite modes as they like.. Even if you like your iced drinks extra sweet (like me), simply add ice cubes and multiply the amount of syrup/sugar in the pod with each additional drink.

– The Verismo 573 is compatible with all Starbucks coffee pods, which means that it’ll work perfectly fine for life.. If you ever need to buy another machine or upgrade it in future (perhaps there’s a newer model out by then?), all you need to do is purchase a new sleeve from your local grocery store.. There are no other parts required for any repairs or replacements so this device is very low maintenance! Just remember to change the water every now and again and wipe down the exterior when necessary.

– Not only can you get vanilla latte, caramel latte, Americano and cappuccino – there are also specialty soy options in the form of vanilla or caramel too! These flavors come in both hot and cold formats so you can enjoy them throughout the year.

– The charcoal water filter that comes with the Verismo is perfect for keeping your water clean.. All you have to do is replace it every three months and there will be no sediment floating through your mouth while sipping on your favorite drink!

– And finally (but most importantly), what makes this product worth having? Well, there are no paper filters required which is fantastic news for everyone who loves saving money.. This machine automatically cuts paper waste by utilizing the pre-packaged containers instead.


– Water reservoir is too small for larger usage occasions – may need to fill water multiple times per cup. Water tank is not removable or refillable without spilling water everywhere. Extra step/clutter required just to add water during use. Valve to refill water tank looks like it cannot be removed.

– Water reservoir has no markings for water level, making it difficult to know how much water is available before the next refill is needed.

– Brewing of coffee requires more time than most other similar devices on market – may not have cup ready when it’s initially brewed, forcing user to wait for machine to “finish” brewing.

– Pods are less environmentally friendly or recyclable than standard ground coffee filters, which are usually composted after use. Pods cannot be recycled due to their plastic lining and must instead be trashed with regular garbage at end of life. Internal pod compartment likely contributes additional waste during manufacturing process due to extra parts required for storage of pods within unit itself rather than outside of device.

– Pods are more expensive than traditional Starbucks brewed coffee, making purchase of pods difficult to justify for many individuals. Cost savings from using pods is only realized if the user drinks such a large amount of coffee that buying it in stores would be required regularly, or if price sensitivity is below $0.50 per cup. Otherwise, Verismo ends up being more expensive than just buying coffee at starbucks and pouring into reusable cup.

– If users happen to not like pod varieties available due to flavor profile preferences (espresso vs drip), or don’t want another caffeinated beverage during certain times of day (such as decaf after dinner), they may have to either drink the existing pod anyway or waste money on an entire box of pods.

– Can only brew one cup at a time – making it less convenient than other brewers on the market which can typically produce 2+ cups per use. Some machines allow for more than one cup, but cost significantly more than Verismo and are not as aesthetically pleasing in terms of design/appearance.

– If users forget to turn off power switch after each use, water reservoir could possibly overfill and drip or overflow onto machine’s base unit or counter top – creating a mess which would need to be cleaned up immediately. It’s possible this may damage the machine itself if machine sits with water pooled underneath for too long.

– Individual pods cannot be refilled; once they’ve been used, the entire container must be recycled or trashed – individual reusable cups/filters could be filled with own coffee and inserted into Verismo instead of using Starbucks’ pre-filled pods (this defeats purpose of buying Verismo machine).

– One side effect of pods is that it creates more opportunities for coffee grounds to become scattered around kitchen instead of contained within used pod (assuming user has individual reusable cup/filter).

The pros outweigh the cons when you really think about it. Yes, there is a little bit extra clean-up involved compared to your typical automatic drip coffee maker but all in all, I love my Starbucks Verismo and I’m sure you would too!

3. Keurig Coffee Maker 

Keurig is a brand of single serve coffee brewing machines. The manufacturer, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters originally named the company “K-Cup”, but changed its name in 2007 to better reflect the actual product. Keurig has sold more than 10 million home-use brewers, and sells more than a dozen different flavored coffee pods which are dispensed using the K-Cup system.

The machines brew a cup of coffee using a plastic or foil package of finely ground coffee, called a pod or capsule. The machine injects hot water under pressure into the cartridge that contains the grounds and then passes it through a filter before releasing it into an awaiting mug below. In order for each cup to come out perfectly, the machine must regulate its production based on volume measurements in the pod itself.

Keurig coffee makers are popular for individuals who prefer a single cup of coffee brewed at a time without using many resources. It is also useful to people who do not need great amounts of coffee or individuals that desire specific flavors or strengths of coffee One reason for its popularity is that it has lower operating costs than machines which utilize individual cups instead of pods. Keurig brewing systems have gained market share over traditional drip coffee brewers since their introduction to the U.S. market in 1998, and sell more than one-quarter billion annually.

Many varieties of hot chocolate, tea, soda and other beverages are available in K-Cups for Keurig coffee makers.

The Keurig brand is also used for the brewing machines that distribute these drinks, single serve coffee and other beverages in K-Cup pods. The original brewer was targeted towards offices but is now used in many homes.

4. Pros And Cons Of Keurig Coffee Maker 

If you’re tired of cheap, flavorless coffee brewed by standard drip machines, then Keurig may be exactly what you need. Keurig is a brand of single-serve coffee makers that work with little plastic pods filled with fresh coffee grounds. When the machine senses water filling the pod, it quickly heats to brew hot coffee in less than one minute. For many people, nothing beats the convenience and flavor of these ready-to-brew beverages. 


– No Drip Mess – Compared to your standard drip brewer which produces waste from used filters and leaves drips here and there on your countertops, Keurigs lack all those problems making them easier to clean.

– Variety of Flavors – With over 200+ K-Cup flavors available, many people can find their perfect flavor that’s better than any coffee shop around the corner. 

– Variety of Drink Options – Not just for coffee, you can brew tea, hot chocolate and more. 

– 100% Fresh Coffee – All pods are filled with fresh ground up beans. The only thing you need is water so no contamination or stale coffee mixtures here! 

– 500+ Pod Choices – If you’re looking for rare flavors like Jamaican Blue Mountain, you won’t have problems finding them on Amazon or Keurig’s website (external).

– Reusable Cups Make it Easy to Save Money – If you like having complete control over your coffee choices, then reusable cups are what you’ll want. You can use any ground coffee or tea with these which is sure to save you some cash over time.

– No Grinding – Since the pods are pre-measured, there’s no need for grinding. 

– Easy To Use – The K55/K-Classic has a simple one-touch button interface so whether you’re new to using pod brewers or not, this machine will work great for you. 

– Kid Friendly – Because all of the buttons are programmable and require a touch of a button instead of pushing down an actual handle, it’s easy to operate for children as well as adults. 

– Perfect Cups Every Time – Because the machine knows exactly how much water should be inside the pod, every cup is made to perfection.


– Small Cups – Although there’s plenty of reasons why we love Keurigs , we should also acknowledge some of the trade-offs. Some of these models have a cup size that’s less than 12 ounces, so if you are used to having a full mug of coffee, this might be too small for you.

– Cost – As with any single cup brewer, there is a bit of a cost associated with using K-Cups . The price isn’t huge, but it’s more expensive than brewing traditional drip coffee at home.

– Discard Ratio – You need to use about twice as many K-Cups as traditional ground coffee. This is because the actual k-cup material is thicker and takes up slightly more room. This means that it contributes to an increased landfill waste ratio when compared with traditional coffee.

– Waste – Because the Keurig is a single cup machine, each individual k-cup portion packs are often discarded without being used or recycled. This contributes to landfill waste as well as wasted resources from making the K-Cups .

In conclusion, although there are some disadvantages to owning a Keurig machine , most of these issues will be non-issues for those who enjoy the machine’s convenient and time saving features.

5. Differences between Verismo Vs Keurig

The Verismo vs. Keurig battle has been waging on for months now, with fans of each machine fiercely devoted to their system. With prices similar to one another, it can be difficult to decide which system is the best choice. Here are some comparisons between the two brewers that can help you make your decision:

– Taste 

This is a highly subjective topic, but many coffee enthusiasts will tell you that they prefer brewing coffee themselves using freshly ground beans and a pressurized espresso machine over either of these single-serve pod brewers. That said, both machines produce decent results for those who don’t have the time or desire to grind and brew their own coffee at home every day or need something other than traditional drip. While users may be surprised by how different the results can taste with either method, some people love the Verismo’s bolder taste and others prefer the lighter flavor of Keurig. Some users even mix both k-cups and ESE pods to come up with an optimal blend for their taste buds (the espresso grounds end up in the Keurig bin).

– Cost 

This is really where many of you are probably concerned. Both machines cost around $200 new; however, the Verismo requires more expensive coffee pods than Keurig. A box of 24 Starbucks Verismo pods costs about $7-$8 on Amazon right now while 24 three-packs of K-Cups only run about $10-$12 for name brands like Starbucks. Obviously, this is a huge difference in cost, but especially depends on how much you drink. If you are an individual who only drinks one or two cups of coffee every day, the Verismo may be economical for you since it can brew both espresso and regular coffee while Keurig really only does K-Cups well. However, if you regularly need more than two cups of joe in one sitting or have several people using the machine at once, Keurig’s lower cost per cup makes your wallet happy.

– Size

Size matters sometimes! The Verismo is about 26 inches tall which can make it difficult to fit under some kitchen cabinets. It also doesn’t have a removable drip tray so that limits its use to shorter cups. The machine is also quite heavy, weighing about 26 pounds empty and 36 pounds full of water! Keurig, on the other hand, only takes up about 10 inches of height for under-the-cabinet storage and can hold much more water than Verismo (60 ounces).

– Designer Pods

Starbucks has released “designer” pods that are meant to be used in either machine so you can still enjoy your favorite company’s coffee at home. However, it should be noted that not all designer pods will work perfectly in both machines. If you use one brand exclusively or prefer its taste profile to other brands then this may be a factor for you to consider when deciding between these two systems if you plan to use espresso pods.

– Water Tank

Both brewers require water for brewing coffee (obviously!) but the Verismo tank can be difficult to fill. It is located behind the machine and requires you to pull out the unit, remove the drip tray, and then lift up a flap in order to get at it. The Keurig’s removable water tank is much simpler to handle (it only has about 6 inches of height). The tank opens easily by popping off its cover or pulling off a little plastic strip on top which can also indicate when your reservoir is empty.

– Size of Coffee Pods

One major drawback for Starbucks’ single serve brewers is that while their K-Cups take up very little space compared with traditional coffee bags, the expensive Verismo pods take up much more space than Keurig’s. A box of 24 Starbucks Verismo espresso pods contains only 9-10 ounces whereas a three-pack of K-Cups packs about 11 ounces (the pod size is different between brands but not significantly). This makes it much harder to store your favorite beverages for future use or take them on the go with you (which could be great if you are traveling).

The Verismo vs Keurig debate is one that comes up time and again. As you can see, there are many similarities between the two coffee brewers but also some differences to consider before making your choice. We hope this article has given you enough information to make an informed decision about which brewer best suits your needs! If not, don’t worry – we’re always happy to help with any questions or concerns.


The Verismo and Keurig are both good coffee makers, but there is a clear winner. If you want to be able to brew multiple cups of joe at one time or create your own blends, the Verismo wins hands down. It also has more features than Keurig does for its price point so if you can afford it I would recommend getting the Verismo over the Keurig because you will get better value out of it in that way.

Verismo Vs Keurig
Verismo Vs Keurig