Simply Calphalon Vs Calphalon Classic: A Detailed Comparison

If you’re all about cooking, you might not be strange with the name Calphalon at all. The brand comes with an adequate number of good cookware sets and doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon. 

However, fans of this well-known company have taken part in a controversial battle of Simply Calphalon Vs Calphalon Classic sets. 

If you’re also seeking our honest answer to see which one is better, today’s post will be perfect for you.  

What Is Calphalon?

When you ask what the highest-quality cooking utensils are from, our answer is Calphalon. It is the #1 premium-grade kitchenware supplier. Aside from kitchen equipment, this firm provides its consumers with excellent bakeware, sleek cutlery, and valuable tools for the homemakers.


If the cooking operation is enjoyable and straightforward, it makes both the maker and the diners enjoy the delicious meal much more. To ensure that this enthusiasm when you prepare food lasts all the time, you should use the most incredible kitchen utensils collection to stimulate the food preparation. And it’s precisely why people prefer Calphalon.

Now that we’ve discovered what Calphalon is and why it’s famous let’s go back to the question at hand: the differences between the Simply Calphalon and the Calphalon Classic cookware sets. Most of the time, most new users don’t know which ones to choose between these two alternatives.

As a result, the coming section will differentiate between the two via a review and the advantages and drawbacks of both lines of Calphalon kitchenware sets to inform potential buyers which series of cooking sets offer an advantage over another.

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4 Main Differences: Simply Calphalon Vs Calphalon Classic

When efficiently handled, these two sets respond well and result in excellent cooking performance. Also, the brand has integrated numerous alternative functions into Simply Calphalon and Calphalon Classic. Each one shines on its own, but the 4 main differences are the coating, structure, handles, and lids.

1. Coating

Since Simply Calphalon is still non-stick, most homemakers go for this option. In detail, its interior part gets coated by two non-stick PFOA-free layers for extra convenient cooking and rinsing. Nonetheless, its performance is superb.


On the Simply lines, food items don’t attach tenaciously, and without typical dishwashing solutions, you can still keep it clean effortlessly. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that, although Simply Calphalon’s design is fantastic, it is not safe to use a dishwasher. Therefore, please do not put your products in the dishwasher!

Then we have the stainless steel Calphalon Classic. It differs from others in that it has stainless steel edges and an aluminum bottom. This model isn’t non-stick, but it is dishwasher safe. 

2. Structure

Simply Calphalon is the Calphalon group’s most affordable item segment right now. As its title hinted, Simply Calphalon has a hard-anodized aluminum framework that is relatively enduring.

Simply Calphalon frequently falls within the mid-tier spectrum when compared to those other products on the market. While its aluminum composition is sturdy and robust enough to withstand daily use, the tough anodized exterior substantially increases the durability of this cookware against scratches and cracks.


On the other hand, Calphalon Classic is presently available in a variety of versions. There are at least three varieties with different coatings and finishes, including the stainless steel version, the non-stick ones, and the ceramic non-stick ones.

These hard-anodized aluminum products come with a medium gauge, making them weigh heavier and last longer.

3. Handles

The handles of Simply Calphalon come with silicone grips which are simpler to utilize. Yet, they do not last long. Otherwise, the Calphalon Classic is famous for its sturdy StayCool stainless steel handles.

4. Lids

Reinforced glass covers are in the same package as the Simply Calphalon and the Calphalon Classic cookware sets. Although some consumers don’t prefer glass covers because they are heavy and prone to cracking, the covers on these kitchenware products are robust. 

Utilizing a glass lid can also be helpful since it allows you to view what’s within without having to take it out.

Which One Is Better: Simply Calphalon Or Calphalon Classic?

When you’re on a short budget, Simply Calphalon is a solid, reasonable solution. Although you need to maintain these cooking utensils with lots of attention, their durability is high. 

On the other hand, Calphalon Classic is the perfect alternative if money isn’t your deal-breaker. The Calphalon Classic cooking set is generally more durable and enduring, allowing it to perform more functions.

Based on all the criteria we mentioned above, Calphalon Classic has an advantage over the Simply Calphalon. This is also why the Classic set price is a bit higher than the other.

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Calphalon always has solid credibility for producing high-quality items, and that’s why deciding between the two best options: Simply Calphalon Vs Calphalon Classic is challenging. All in all, we say choose the ones that best fit your needs and preferences.