Nespresso Evoluo Vs Vertuo (2021): What’s The Difference?

Nespresso is a well-known name in the coffee industry with its range of pod machines. Over time, Nespresso has released several different models but today we are going to compare two specific ones, Nespresso Evoluo Vs Vertuo. Both of these espresso machines offer an impressive cup of coffee and they both have their own unique features that make them stand out from each other. Let’s go through some areas where you might want to consider one over the other when it comes down to making your purchase decision.

1. Nespresso Evoluo

Nespresso Evoluo is an automatic coffeemaker by Nestle. It can be programmed to make coffee at different times during the day so that you never have to wait for your first cup of coffee in the morning. The machine has a compartment where capsules containing ground coffee are inserted. Each capsule comes with one serving, but if needed it can also accommodate two servings of coffee through its double-deck section.

Evolution offers five brew sizes: espresso (25ml), espresso lungo (45ml), caffe latte or cappuccino (110ml), cafe au lait, and soupcon crema (105 ml). It is available in four color schemes: black, white/silver, red/black and red.

This machine automatically adjusts to the settings of your previous cup, so it is always making coffee at exactly your desired strength. It can also remember if you prefer a double or single espresso, and will always make you a consistent amount each time. The whole process takes about 45 seconds from start to finish, which is faster than a traditional espresso machine.

2. Pros And Cons Of Nespresso Evoluo

Nespresso Evoluo is an espresso machine that works only with the Nespresso coffee capsules. It has a built-in milk frother, automatic power-off function and a removable drip tray with its own area to store used capsules with ease. The water tank holds 30 ounces of water. Those who enjoy both tea and coffee will appreciate that this model makes tea as well as espresso preferring the type of water that is added for each drink according to your instructions. This unit arrives ready to use since the owner must only attach it to an electrical outlet and fill it up with water .

The Pros

– Long-Term Warranty

There are multiple benefits to buying a machine from a company like Nespresso. First, they offer a limited 5-year warranty on all parts and labor. When you consider that the average manufacturer offers only 1 year of coverage, this is a plus in itself. In addition to the warranty, they also offer one of the most extensive service networks in the business. This means if you run into problems with your unit, or have questions about its operation, they will be able to help you resolve any issue .

– Convenient Size

When it comes to space, too often we sacrifice quality for size. This does not need to happen when buying an espresso machine since companies like Nespresso have taken this into account when designing theirs . The sleekness of Nespresso’s design enhanced by its three color choices makes it a perfect fit for kitchens of all style and size .

– Quick Warm-Up

This machine does not take long to heat up, which is beneficial in two ways: First, you will spend less time waiting for your espresso and secondly, since it heats up quickly, this means that the unit stays relatively cool. This last point cannot be underscored enough when we talk about why Nespresso machines are so popular with design professionals who spend most of their day in front of a computer.

– Eco-Friendly

The pods used by this machine are recyclable. So when you run out of coffee or tea capsules, don’t throw them away; simply put them in the recycling bin instead . 

– Coffee Quality

Coffee is all about taste and flavor, and in that department the Nespresso brand excels . Many consumers consider this machine to be among the finest when it comes to producing a premium cup of java for drinking at home.

– Convenient Pod Size

In order for a coffee maker to be perfect, it must have easy-to-use features along with quality performance. This automatic espresso machine from Nespresso succeeds on both counts thanks to its coffee pods. They are designed specifically for this particular system which means they fit perfectly without jamming or making a mess while pouring them into the unit .

– Espresso Quality

Cappuccinos, caffes lattes and espressos you will get with this appliance are identical to the flavors you get in-house at your favorite coffee shop . Nespresso uses a unique blend in each one of their pods to ensure the consistency in taste, whether you choose a macchiato or a traditional espresso.

The Cons

– Price

The main drawback with the system is its price. While not among the most expensive ones on the market, it is certainly more expensive than other types which can affect sales for this particular unit negatively when considered from purely an economic point of view .

– Water Tank Size

Also related to space and convenience, when compared to other models from Nespresso that have larger tanks, this model’s capacity falls short by 1 ounce. Again, this may not be a big deal for some but for others, the difference is critical .

– Espresso Quality

The quality that you get from this machine is dependent on its pods. Unfortunately, it does not produce real espresso since the capsules produce only crema and not the rich flavor found in high-end Italian expresso drinks .

– Capacity 

The amount of water that can be stored in the tank of this unit is just enough for one person. For those who like to entertain or have guests over frequently, this may prove problematic due to having to wait until the unit has heated up to make another cup of coffee or tea .

– Speed

This unit heats up very quickly once turned on and does not stay hot for long after it is done brewing which means that if you aren’t nearby when your coffee or tea is done, it will get cold pretty quickly.

3. Nespresso Vertuo?  

Nespresso vertuo line also known as vertuoline is a new type of single-serve capsule system launched by nespresso in 2013 which includes multiple features such as: Adjustable cup height (38mm or 51mm), Microfine fro for creamy milk froth with no bubbles, Aeroccino3 milk frother which can also be used to heat and whisk ingredients for recipes, adjustable extraction system that allows consumers to personalize their coffee based on their taste.

Nespresso vertuo is different from other nespresso models because it uses new flipping-action lever that makes extracting an espresso easier than ever before. Its innovative design creates a cup height of 38mm (which will produce an 8oz shot) or 51mm (which will produce a 14oz shot). The machine itself has only one button which is easy to use even for beginners. 

4. Pros And Cons Of Nespresso Vertuo

The Nespresso Vertuo is the latest addition to the Nespresso family of single-serve coffee machines.

Introduced at the beginning of 2014, it uses proprietary capsules – small, egg-shaped containers that hold coffee grounds specifically tailored for use in this machine. The machine’s most notable feature is its aeroccino milk frother which allows you to prepare cold or hot milk foam with just a push of a button.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using Nespresso Vertuo:


– Saves Space

A counter full of appliances can quickly clutter any kitchen space making it even harder for you to function efficiently. If your kitchen doesn’t have enough room for both an espresso maker and a regular drip coffee maker, the Nespresso might be a good alternative. The Vertuo is a much slimmer machine than other espresso machines which makes it easy to find a space for in any home.

– Convenient

With pre-measured capsules ready to brew at a push of a button, your morning commute will be easier and quicker with the Vertuo. Less cleaning up after each drink – no measuring, grinding or turning on the stovetop means less mess and hassle when you’re in a rush to get out of the house.

– Healthier for You

Switching from store bought ground coffee packs to using fresh espresso grounds will mean fresher, healthier drinks because it eliminates all nasty additives used in regular ‘non-fresh’ coffee.

– Quick Brewing

You can have a cup of fresh coffee in your hand within a minute or two. The speed of the Vertuo also depends on how much milk you add to your drink, but generally, it’s quick.

– Easily Customisable

If you want espresso, brew espresso. If you want regular drip coffee with creamer, that’s just as easy to prepare. Specialty drinks – cappuccinos, lattes and Americanos are all possible just by adding different amounts of milk and water.

– Hot And Cold Drinks

Unlike other machines which only allow you to steam hot milk for hot chocolate and warm milk for cappuccino and lattes, the Nespresso offers both cold and hot frothing functions.


– Limited Flavor Options

If you don’t drink espresso or are looking for a wider array of flavors to choose from, the Vertuo is not the machine for you. The Nespresso capsules are compatible with their older machines but can only be used in this one if they have an “A” on them. 

– Expensive Capsules

The price of Nespresso pods is about twice that of ground coffee which might seem like it will offset any savings you make by using the machine instead of stopping at Starbucks every morning before work.

– Cleaning Required

With more parts than most other single-serve brewers, expect regular maintenance and cleaning tasks to keep your machine working well over time. This also means more things to store in your kitchen.

– Milk Texture

If you enjoy drinking cold milk with your coffee, the aeroccino can sometimes produce too much froth which will have a noticeable effect on the milk’s texture. This is especially true if you’re trying to make specialty drinks like cappuccinos or latte macchiatos where less foam is desired.

Nespresso Vertuo Pros And Cons Conclusion: Although it’s not for everyone, this machine does offer many perks that regular espresso machines simply don’t have. The price point might be an issue for some but considering how much Nespresso capsules cost compared to other single-serve options, it really isn’t that bad. It would be advisable not to buy this machine if you are looking for something with a wide variety of flavors.

5. Nespresso Evoluo Vs Vertuo: What’s The Difference?

Nespresso and Nespresso Vertuoline machines are staples in millions of homes across the world.  With all the different models, choosing one can be a daunting task. Below we offer a comparison of the most popular models: Evoluo and Vertuo (VertuoLine).

– Cups

Evoluo uses espresso cups with 11 or 16 grams of coffee; they cannot use normal espresso cups that hold about 33ml. Nespresso offers recyclable aluminium capsules made from 100% recycled material free of BPA for direct consumption (max 14-15(*)g) which is more common to other coffee types. On the contrary, Nespresso only offers tetra packs for its vertuoline machines.

– Brewing

Evoluo is a pressure-based machine and Vertuoline is a steam-based machine.  The latter gives you the option of using milk capsules to froth and heat milk, which may or may not be what you’re looking for in your coffee routine. Evoluo requires 30 seconds heating time; Vertuoline needs only 15 seconds.  Evoluo has 19 bars of pressure as opposed to Vertuoline’s 16 bars (which means it extracts more flavour).

– Espresso Positioning

Vertuoline uses “automatic” cups with induction heater technology through an electromagnetic field that heats up within seconds. Nespresso offers cup sizes from espresso (37ml) to lungo (110ml). Evoluo takes espresso cups with 11 or 16g of coffee.

– Energy Efficiency

Vertuoline is more energy efficient than Evoluo.  The latter has a power button while the former has an On/Off switch. 

As opposed to Nespresso’s capsules, Vertuoline comes with reusable capsules that can accommodate 8 different amounts of coffee (from 3g to 12.5g). 

Evoluo offers 19 bars of pressure while Vertuoline gives you 16 bars; so choose according to your taste.

Finally, Evoluo’s prices range from £99-£249; on the other hand, Vertuoline costs around £150 and £385 (starting and premium package). We hope this comparison helps you choose the machine that suits your needs. 

6. Which Is Better? Nespresso Evoluo or Vertuo?

It’s clear that both models come with their own perks, but which one is better depends on your needs. The Evoluo has no comparison when it comes to grinding the beans – its integrated grinder makes sure you get nothing but maximum flavor, whereas if you want an automatic refill system, the Vertuo is for you. It’s up to you to decide which one fits your needs better – if having a built-in grinder is important to you, then go with the Evoluo. If not, then stick with the Vertuo!

Conclusion: Nespresso Evoluo Vs Vertuo Our opinion on this matter is that both coffee makers come with their own perks and they’re great at what they do. Overall though, we prefer the Evoluo mainly because of its integrated grinder and removable water tank. The automated refilling system also makes it more convenient than other brands on the market today – so those are two big advantages over models from other brands. Plus it has a nice design and is available in a variety of colors!

7. What are the major models in the Nespresso VertuoLine?

VertuoLine is a line of coffee machines by Nespresso. In addition to traditional espresso servings, it can brew large cups of coffee and Americano from individual pods. The Vertuoline system uses an electric pump with 19 bars of pressure to extract the flavor from the coffee capsule/patrone in just 25 seconds. The result is the creamiest, richest cup of espresso you’ve ever tasted – one that truly stands apart thanks to its unique brewing method.

VertuoLine includes three different models: VertuoPlus, VertuoPlus Deluxe (exclusive to Costco) and Vertuo Evoluo (the newest model). Each machine has its own set of features making each more suitable for certain types of users or households.

VertuoLine was designed to be more compact than previous Nespresso models. The VertuoPlus model is 13 inches tall, making it ideal for apartment-dwellers or those who have limited counter space. All machines are compatible with the Vertuoline system pods only. 

The following information will help you determine which of the three models would work best for your household:

VertuoPlus – Original member of the VertuoLine. If you’re looking for a machine that’s small and simple, this one fits the bill perfectly. It has an easy-to-use control panel with basic buttons including on/off, espresso/large cup size selection, hot water on demand button, and two programmable buttons (My Coffee and My Aroma) that allow you to customize cup size, coffee strength/amount of water, and water temperature for over 100 varieties of Nespresso pods. 

VertuoPlus Deluxe – Exclusive to Costco members. This model is similar in features to the original VertuoPlus but has more capacity than its predecessor with two different-sized cups (40mm or 52mm). Additionally, it comes standard with a comfort tray which elevates the machine so cups are within easy reach without having to get on your hands and knees.

VertuoEvo – Released in 2016, shares many of the same advantages of previous models but adds an adjustable spout height along with automatic capsule ejection for added convenience. You can also use the device in either left or right-handed mode.

VertuoLine was designed to make the act of brewing coffee easier than ever before. Perhaps its most notable feature is the ability to brew both espresso and larger cups (up to 30 oz.) with ease thanks to an adjustable height spout. This means you can brew a traditional cup of Joe just as easily as you can craft crema-topped cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, etc without any messy spills or fussing over specific types of pods. You can also use large cups for Americano beverages that are free of both cream and foam. And unlike previous Nespresso models which required users to stop pumping water through the machine during this process, the VertuoLine allows you to pump continuously until the desired amount of water has been dispensed.

All three models feature a removable 33 oz. water tank with integrated intelligent gauge that makes it easy to monitor how much water is in there at all times. The tank’s handle also includes a drip stop for keeping spills in check while filling up. Additionally, each machine is equipped with an automatic capsule ejection system that releases used pods into a capsule container located in the front of the machine. And if you don’t want anyone tampering around in there, you can use the lock function from either the control panel or from your smartphone if you have an NFC-enabled model via Nespresso’s app.

VertuoLine is designed to make customization easy. With the help of Nespresso’s app or by using the control panel on your machine, you can choose what type of drink you want to brew (espresso, large cup, Americano), adjust water temperature, and select how much water is dispensed for each serving.

VertuoLine is equipped with an LED light ring that not only looks great but also allows users to know at a glance exactly what coffee beverage they’re brewing. The lights change color based on which type of drink you’ve selected… 

– Gold for espresso 

– Green for small cup 

– Red for large cup  or Americano

– Blue when heating up/ready to brew   NOTE: When the LED light is red, it means that the machine is heating up.

– White for selecting your desired cup size (espresso or small cup only)

VertuoLine is built with Nespresso’s signature aluminum alloy which not only helps to keep the unit lightweight but also allows it to heat up much faster than previous models. Additionally, this model has a chute where used capsules are automatically ejected into a container located in front of the machine. Also, since water temperature plays such an important role when crafting coffee beverages, each VertuoLine has its own boiler and comes standard with four different temperature settings to choose from. All you have to do is press one button and wait about 30 seconds until it heats up…perfect for those who aren’t the best multitaskers.


The Nespresso Evoluo and Vertuo are both high-end coffee makers that cost nearly the same. For many, this means they’ll have to choose between buying one or the other depending on what features they prefer. If you’re looking for something with a sophisticated design but don’t want to pay too much money, then the Evoluo is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if you care more about how easy it will be to use your machine over aesthetics, then go ahead and pick up a Vertuo! No matter which of these machines suits your needs better though, make sure you buy from an authorized retailer like Amazon so that you can enjoy their customer service.