5 Best Kitchen Sink Materials For Amazing Home Renovation

Choosing the best kitchen sink materials has never been easy, especially when people come up with so many new ideas. Yet, while some materials come out on top due to their superb nature, some don’t impress homemakers much. If you’re on a mission of picking your sink materials, make sure to consider these 5 best options below. 

5 Best Kitchen Sink Materials (2021 Top Picks)

Finding the correct sink materials is essential for redesigning, upgrading, or establishing a new kitchen. The basic principle of selecting the appropriate material is to evaluate how you want to utilize your sink.

1. Stainless Steel Sinks

If you’ve already decided to acquire a stainless steel sink, the golden principle to remember is that the gauge’s size comes hand in hand with the thickness of the steel. 

If you think that stainless steel sinks are dull and unattractive, you should update them slightly. Nowadays, many companies will provide you with a wide range of colors, textures, coatings, and designs from which you can select. Once you look at the sheer number of stainless steel sinks available today, you will be overwhelmed with options. 


The power of this material to withstand profound impacts, excessively high temperature, oxidation, and erosion is perhaps the most significant benefit. One could place a steaming hot saucepan, a sizzling baking tray, or heavy cookware on top of it without fear of the sink cracking or compromising its strength.

Thinner steel may establish micro-cracks over time, but these marks are pretty quickly removable with a basic solvent and cloth. If you give the sink a good scrub after each use, the consistent finish and clean edge will not be likely to acquire streaks or annoying odors. 

Also, people who care about sanitation will enjoy stainless steel a lot as germs and bacteria could not survive on this material.

2. Authentic Granite Sinks

A pure granite sink will be the perfect choice if you are a fan of aesthetics and ready to pay a bit more for a sophisticated and sleek kitchen sink. 

Granite is a volcanic stone that is extremely hard and resistant to scorching temperatures. Though it implies impressive longevity, keep in mind that the rougher surface will be harsher on your vulnerable porcelain and glasses.


Because of its permeable characteristics, it can collect dirt and debris even when you don’t thoroughly cleanse the top. Furthermore, as granite sinks are rather weighty, one would need to strengthen their current cupboard and counter to withstand the sink’s weight, which would undoubtedly increase installation costs a bit more.

3. Authentic Quartz Sinks

Quartz is a gemstone that forms rocks. If a rock is entirely out of quartz minerals, we might say it’s quartzite, which is likely amongst the most costly materials available. Quartz kitchen sinks are helpful in more aspects than aesthetics.

This is one of the most robust kitchen sink materials, able to withstand all kinds of whacks and abrasion. Because of its great solidity and lack of permeability, it is resistant to grime and grease formation. In conclusion, you don’t have to work super hard to maintain the cleanliness of your quartz sink.


However, it has one solid flaw, which is its low heat resistance. When the heat goes above 573 degrees Fahrenheit, there might be visible deterioration to your gleaming quartz kitchen sink. So, while removing pasta or rice, please ensure to pour cold water down the drain simultaneously.

Also, deep-tinted sinks would appear excellent against the standard pale-colored granite countertop, but here’s a secret: dark surfaces reflect scratches more significantly than light-colored options, so think of that while purchasing.

See the comparison between quartz and granite here:


4. Composite Granite Sinks

Nowadays, the demand for composite stone-made sinks is rapidly growing. If you prefer the aesthetic value of marble or crystal, but your budget won’t allow it, go for a composite granite one! Most suppliers mix acrylic compounds to the marble to minimize permeability while increasing durability and heat tolerance.

Composite sinks are incredibly resistant to severe temperature erosion and chemical degradation. Also, these sinks are simple to clean as the surface is immaculate, dirt and bacteria-free.


To prevent the stains from destroying the beauty of your sink, you must wipe the area with a cloth and a gentle detergent every day. Also, composite sinks are only accessible in a matte finish and are equally as heavy as granite tile ones, which you should consider before deciding.

5. Soapstone Sinks

During the 1800s, soapstone was the biggest thing when it came to kitchen restoration. Because the stone is non-porous and sturdy, people mostly employ this material in labs. However, it has lost its sparks since the 2000s.

Yet, in recent years, soapstone kitchen sinks have gained their fame again, especially among those seeking the perfect blend of classic elegance and extreme durability. Indeed, aggressive cleaners’ extreme temperature, toxins, and chemicals cause nothing to these sinks.


Because of its delicate texture, a soapstone sink is more malleable than most other materials, allowing users to shape it to virtually any dimension. Whether it’s tiny or huge, these sinks can accommodate the counter and cupboard perfectly. A top-notch handcrafted soapstone sink will charge around the same as an excellent stainless steel sink.

Yet, please note that soapstones do not possess the comparable color or texture variation as granite or quartz. If you’re not cautious, soapstone may quickly collect water stains. However, wiping the surface with a solution of beeswax and mineral oil will quickly remove the marks.

Soapstone sinks’ color will get deeper throughout time, which contributes to their vintage appeal. However, it’s advisable to clean the surface with mineral oil regularly to ensure a consistent look.

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Now you have it – our top 5 best kitchen sink materials in 2021. Each of the options above comes at different prices and benefits, yet they are excellent materials for your kitchen sink. Feel free to go for one that suits your preferences and budgets.