Is Fridge And Freezer Baking Soda The Same As Regular Baking Soda?

Is Fridge And Freezer Baking Soda The Same As Regular Baking Soda?

Baking soda is incredibly useful and versatile. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate and is usually used in baking because it is a leavening agent that produces carbon dioxide and causes dough and baked goods to rise. 

However, baking soda also has a wide range of other benefits that are not usually explored. Baking soda can be a gentle cleaning substance that can get rid of any kind of dirt in your household applications, clean your teeth, your mouth, and freshen your air.

Fridge-n-Freezer baking soda is another term for the widely popular Arm & Hammer Baking Soda that is specifically designed for and normally used to deodorize your fridge.

You may wonder if it is any different from your regular baking soda and can be used in the same way. The detailed explanation below will answer all your questions about Fridge-n-Freezer baking soda.

What Is Fridge-n-Freezer Baking Soda?


This baking soda is created purely for cleaning purposes. This cleaning device comes in a box that is designed to absorb the odor in your fridge and freezer. Baking soda is kept in a spill-proof box with removable front and back panels. 

When you remove these panels, air will flow through the box and bring the sodium bicarbonate air to freshen your fridge and freezer, helping to keep your food fresh for longer. All you have to do is to remove the panels and place this box in your fridge and your freezer.

Make sure to change your box of Fridge-n-Freezer baking soda every month to keep your fridge and your freezer free from any lingering smells which can get into your food. 

After use, you can even pour the content of your Fridge-n-Freezer baking soda box down the drain and this can also freshen your drain.

This type of baking soda is incredibly convenient to absorb odor in any enclosed space like your microwave or closet. This small box of baking soda will keep everything fresh.

Comparing Fridge-n-freezer Baking Soda Vs. Regular Baking Soda (Is Fridge And Freezer Baking Soda The Same As Regular Baking Soda?)

1. Component

Both types of baking soda are sodium bicarbonate so their components are similar. However, the regular baking soda is food grade while the Fridge-n-Freezer baking soda might not be. 

2. Cooking purposes

Since Arm & Hammer does not recommend using Fridge-n-Freezer baking soda for cooking and baking, you should not put this baking soda into your food and your baked goods. Regular baking soda is safer in this case. 

Thus, although both are sodium bicarbonate and contain leavening substances, when you put the baking soda that has absorbed all the smells of your fridge into your food, your food will smell weird. The smell can even spoil your dish and even your appetite.


3. Cleaning purposes

Both Fridge-n-Freezer baking soda and regular baking soda work wonder as a cleaning substance. You can use both types of baking soda to clean your household applicants, your kitchenware, and even your teeth. 

Just make sure that if you want to use your Fridge-n-Freezer baking soda for purposes other than deodorizing your fridge, use a new box and never reuse the box that has sat in your fridge for some time. 

The used box of Fridge-n-Freezer baking soda can bring a weird smell to things you want to clean. You may not want your food to smell like old food after cleaning it. 

Remember, you can use cooking baking soda for cleaning purposes but never use cleaning baking soda for food.

Here is a fun animated video of all the application of baking soda for your further information:


How to use the Fridge-n-freezer baking soda?

You should always buy two boxes: one for your fridge and one for your freezer. Remove the back and front panels in the box to allow air to flow through it. Place it in your fridge and your freezer. Replace your used box every month.


Instead of buying Arm & Hammer baking soda for cleaning, can I put regular baking soda in the freezer?

Yes, you can. They are the same substance so the regular baking soda can also deodorize your fridge and freezer. Yet, to prevent everything from getting messy, you should put your regular baking soda in a closed box and punch some holes on the top of the box. This box will be the same as the Arm & Hammer baking soda box.

Does baking soda go bad?

You should check its best by date. Baking soda usually lasts for a long time but it can lose its power after a long time. For an unopened package, baking soda can last for 2 years. For an opened one, you should use it up within six months.

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Now you know all about your Fridge-n-Freezer baking soda. Remember to apply them to the right use and you are good to go.