How To Clean An Electric Skillet: The Ultimate Diy Guide

How To Clean An Electric Skillet

The advancement of technology has revolutionized many aspects of our modern life and made our lives much more convenient. Of those inventions, electric skillets are useful enough to help simplify our traditional way of cooking. 

With an electric skillet, all you have to do is to plug the device into a power socket, wait for the electric skillet to heat up, and cook your food on the pan. However, the presence of an electric cable on the skillet can make us hesitate to apply the traditional cleaning method to clean this device. 

Below are the 6 steps of how to clean an electric skillet properly, which will make sure that you deal with this device safely and worry-free.


6 Steps To Clean An Electric Skillet 

Step 1: Preparation

Diffuse dish soap into warm water to make warm soapy water. Get yourself a non-scratch cleaning pad, a soft cloth, and a paper kitchen towel to protect the surface of the pan.

Step 2: Make sure that the skillet is unplugged

Unplug the electric skillet’s connector from any electricity source. Make sure that the connector does not get wet during the cleaning process. Safety is the ultimate priority so remember this important step.

Step 3: Remove all the residue of food

You should get rid of all the bits of food remaining in the pan with your soft cloth. Do not use any metal pan scourer to protect the surface of your pan.

Step 4: Clean the interior of the pan

Use a non-scratch cleaning pad or a dishcloth and gently scrub the inside of the pan. Move your cleaning pad in a circular motion until the pan is clean.

Afterward, use your warm soapy water to rinse the inside of the pan. Use the paper towel to dry the interior of the pan.


Step 5: Clean the exterior of the pan

Use your warm soapy water to rinse the outside of the pan. You can also use the non-scratch cleaning pad to remove any stains. 

Yet, you have to be careful while taking care of the outside of the pan and make sure that no water gets into the power connector point. Water can damage your connector and your entire electric skillet.

Step 6: Keeping the connector clean

If any bits of food get in there, remove it with a toothpick. If the connector has any grease or stain on it, you can gently clean the connector with a slightly damp cloth. Be extremely careful in this case and remember no water should get into the connector.

Pro Tips To Effectively Clean Your Electric Skillet (How To Clean An Electric Skillet)

1. Clean with hot water

If you have the remnants of burnt food stuck on the surface of your pan and looking for a way to clean it, hot water is the way to go. All you need to do is cover the bottom surface of the pan with water and turn the heat on to heat the water. 

When the water boils, turn off the heat, remove all the electricity from your electric skillet, and use a plastic spatula to gently scrub the burnt part from your pan. The hot water would make the burnt part come off easily at this point.

2. Make use of baking soda

Baking soda is a gentle and safe cleaning substance that you can use to clean any kind of kitchenware. 

If there are some accumulated greasy spots in your pan that you cannot get clean with the steps above, you can mix baking soda with a small amount of water to form a kind of a cleaning cream, apply this cleansing cream onto the spot you need to clean and wipe this area with a cleaning pad. This will remove all the stubborn grease you want to get rid of.

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What can I cook with an electric skillet?

Other than cooking and frying any food you want, you can also use this device to bake your cake and bread without having to use your oven. Here is a video from Twisted of 9 easy and delicious dishes you can cook with your electric skillet for your reference:

Can I submerge my electric skillet?

No. You should always keep the parts that connect with the power and transmit electricity to your electric skillet away from water. Water can damage the electrical components of your device.

Is an electric skillet dishwasher safe?

Again, for the reason above, you should not. Although cleaning the electric skillet can involve more steps and inconveniences than traditional cookware, cleaning it in the right way can help it last longer and simplify your cooking process.


With this guide, you have everything you need to know to take care of your electric skillet. Apply the steps and tips on how to keep the skillet clean and last for a long time.