How Many Amps Does A Toaster Oven Use?

Do you want to rescue the planet?

People are becoming more conscious of the amount of electricity utilized by their household appliances as they are more mindful of their carbon impact and the increased focus on energy saving.

The new generation is becoming more ecologically conscious, and they are continuously finding ways to enhance the energy efficiency of their houses, leading to the following question: How many amps does a toaster oven use?


How Many Amps Does A Toaster Oven Use?

In general, a toaster oven rated at 1500 W and operating at 120V would draw roughly 12.5 Amps of current. However, depending on the model’s size and power rating, this value can vary significantly.

The amp rating is determined by the toaster oven’s overall wattage (power rating) and the voltage it operates at. To find the equivalent amp rating, you’ll need to know the toaster oven’s operational voltage and wattage.

The operational voltage in the United States, or the voltage in your wall socket, is 120V. The working voltage in Europe and many other countries is 220V.

From toaster oven to toaster oven, the wattage, or power rating, varies. A two-slice toaster uses about 7.5 amps on average. There’s also a four-slice toaster that’s around 15 amps, and a mini toaster oven that’s around 12.5 amps. This calculation, which is based on how many amps a toaster consumes, will always be different depending on the brand or model.

How Many Factors Contribute To The Toaster’s Amps?

A Large Family 

Having a large family can be a lot of fun. But wait till they contribute to a significant increase in your costs as a result of increased electrical use. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, and toasted bread is one of the quickest dishes to prepare. If you and your family like eating daily toasts, this seemingly insignificant detail can have a significant cost impact.


The toast’s model is also taken into account. High-end toasters use more energy than standard toasters. If you want an energy-efficient toaster, look for the most highly recommended brand on the internet. To minimize additional costs in the long run, you should also evaluate its quality.


A standard oven uses an average of 2-kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity each hour when set to 350°. When set to 450° for 50 minutes, a 200-watt toaster oven uses only 0.9kWh, making it far more environmentally friendly.


Why Is It Necessary To Know Amps Rating?

The Breakers

When it comes to installing the correct circuit breaker for your home’s electrical protection, knowing the amps is critical.

A circuit breaker’s amp rating is also important. The circuit breaker’s amp rating indicates the maximum current at which the breaker will trip (or turn off).

To protect you from the dangers of a short circuit, a circuit breaker trips. A short circuit is a dangerous circumstance in which the current climbs to unsafe levels and, if the breaker does not trip, can result in a fire hazard.

A 10 amp toaster oven connected to a 50 amp circuit breaker, on the other hand, will not trip even if there is a short circuit. This is a potentially perilous situation.

Select a circuit breaker that is rated at 125 percent of the connected load power rating as a general guideline. As a result, for a 10 amp toaster oven, a 12.5 amp circuit breaker would be perfect.

The Fuse 

The fuse, like the circuit breaker, safeguards you from the hazards of a short circuit.

A fuse is a tiny component found in nearly all electronic household appliances. When the current becomes dangerously high, such as during a short circuit or a power surge, the fuse bursts its metal filament within, terminating the electrical connection to the device.

The device’s fuse must also be chosen based on its amp rating. The size of the fuse should be 125 percent of the device’s amp rating, according to the same general guideline.

Extension Cord

Lastly, if you plan to utilize a toaster oven with an extension cable, the amp rating is crucial.

Each extension cable has a maximum power rating that it can handle. If you exceed this limit, either the extension cable’s fuse will explode or the cable will begin to burn. This is a potentially hazardous situation.

As a result, when picking an extension cable, be sure it has a greater amp rating than all of the appliances it will be connected to.

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How to know if my toaster oven is energy efficient?

Toaster ovens use different amounts of electricity, so watch out for the type you’re considering. While wattage information can usually be found in the instruction manual, looking for an Energy Star logo is an easier method to know if a toaster oven is energy efficient.


Energy Star is a government-backed program that certifies products that fulfill its energy efficiency standards.

Energy Star adheres to strict guidelines, so you can rest assured that any product bearing the Energy Star logo is both environmentally and energy-efficient.

Is it possible to have a microwave and a toaster oven on the same circuit?

Simply avoid using the microwave and toaster at the same time, and it will function as if they were on separate circuits. Do you, however, understand what “own circuit” means? It signifies the microwave outlet you’re using isn’t on the same electrical circuit as the rest of the kitchen’s outlets.

What can I do to increase my toaster oven’s energy efficiency?

  • Keep your toaster oven well-maintained: By cleaning it, you can ensure that it is constantly operating at peak efficiency. Check out this video for tips on cleaning your toaster oven:
  • Use it only when necessary: Whether or not your toaster oven is cooking anything, it will use power if it is turned on. Pay attention to your toaster oven while it’s heating up and start using it when it’s ready. When you’re through with your toaster oven, ensure it’s turned off.
  • Remove the plug from your toaster oven: Even if appliances aren’t switched on, they’ll take electricity if they’re plugged in. When unplugging your toaster oven, you are ensuring that no electricity is wasted.


So, how much power does a toaster consume? A two-slice toaster should consume 5 to 6 amps, whereas a four-slice toaster should use 9 to 10 amps.

If you’re plugging your toaster into a shared outlet with another appliance, ensure the two ratings don’t exceed the maximum amperage allowed.

For them to be utilized at the same time, the total amount of amperage drawn by the two appliances must be less than the limit. If the combined sum of the two appliances, on the other hand, exceeds the authorized limit, only use one of the appliances at a time.