Breville Bambino Vs Bambino Plus (2021): Which Is Better & Why?

The Breville Bambino Vs Bambino Plus are two great personal espresso machines that work well for home or office use. They both have many of the same features, but they also have some differences that might make one better suited to your needs than the other. In this post we will compare these two products in depth so you can decide which is best for you! 

1. Breville Bambino

The Breville Bambino is a small, compact, and highly affordable espresso machine that has been among the best selling espresso machines in the market for years. Its popularity made it possible to develop other models under the same name including the miniBambino, caféBabiso, and barista express. The mini Bambino was created to give home users access to an entry-level option while retaining all of the features normally found on its predecessor. It can produce up to 12 cups of premium quality espressos with ease which makes it perfect for homes where there are lots of coffee drinkers.

It has a single boiler system which helps reduce heat loss inside the machine thus saving energy during use. This model features ceramic black block heating which ensures rapid water heating of up to the boiling point. The black block system enables it to heat evenly thus allowing you to produce high quality milk froth even if you are just starting out your espresso journey.

It also features an internal thermostat that allows you to monitor the temperature inside the machine during use. You can do this by viewing the small icon on the side of the front panel of your Breville Bambino. If it starts flashing, it means that there is a problem with your heating element and you should have it serviced immediately before further damage is done. It also comes with a removable drip tray which makes it easier for you to maintain this machine with ease. You can remove any excess spills found on its tray through the use of a damp cloth. The tray is also removable which makes it easier to clean it after use.

If you want to achieve maximum results while using this model, you may consider investing in decent espresso grinders for your coffee beans. You can purchase these machines from most home appliance stores or supermarkets near your location. These are very affordable and will help you create better quality espresso with ease. If you are not familiar with how to choose the best grinder for your Breville Bambino, there are comprehensive reviews online that can guide you on what type of grinder will work great for this machine. This way, creating the perfect cup of espressos is now within your reach!

The Breville Bambino is the perfect machine for home users who want to create delicious espressos using fresh roasted coffee beans. It does not take up much space which makes it very convenient to use in homes where there are lots of coffee drinkers. It has a sleek and compact design which makes it perfect for kitchens with little countertop space. If you are looking for an entry-level espresso machine, consider purchasing this model today! 

It can be found in most department stores near you. You might want to compare prices online first before purchasing it from the store so that you can buy it with ease. Shopping online is very convenient especially when looking for items like this one with lots of different options available on the market today. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, there is always an option to return or replace your Breville Bambino due to defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. Some retailers even accept returns after your purchase within certain timeframes. This depends on their policies and terms of service which you should read carefully before making any purchase online.

You may also opt for metered shipping services which will allow you to pay only for the exact amount of shipping based on the weight and size of your purchase. This is a great way to make sure that you are not paying too much when you buy from online retailers.

2. Features Of Breville Bambino

Breville Bambino is a name known in the world of coffee machines. The company makes high quality, expensive, professional grade equipment that has been used in cafes around the globe for years. They also make several home espresso machines, primarily designed to produce their famous cappuccinos and lattes with rich, velvety milk-froths. Breville Bambino Esclusivo is one of their mid-range (price/quality) products intended for use at home by serious espresso fans who don’t want to go through too much trouble when making their favourite drink. This article will focus on specific features of this machine which are most relevant towards its’ main purpose – producing delicious espressos and other types of coffee beverage popular in the world today.

Breville Bambino comes in 2 versions – classic and  Bambino Esclusivo  (the one that is the topic of this article). The only difference between these two models is included equipment, which will be discussed later.

Machine classification: ESE pod-compatible espresso maker with manual milk frother . It belongs to a group of semi-automatic espresso machines which are often called “super-automatic” or simply “automatics”. These are modern, user-friendly versions of the traditional lever espresso machines which are known for producing espressos at the push of a button (also known as “single serving” or “pod” brewers). Semi-automatic espresso makers use pods/capsules/pods to help control the amount of coffee in the cup, but they are still different from traditional single-serve devices in that they require user’s manual milk frother for producing milk foam. Coffee pods used by these machines cannot be compared in either taste or quality with fresh ground beans. On the other hand, convenience is much higher when using pods.

Breville Bambino belongs to a group of semi-automatic espresso  machines which are often called “super-automatic” or simply “automatics”. These are modern, user-friendly versions of the traditional lever espresso machines which are known for producing espressos at the push of a button (also known as “single serving” or “pod” brewers). Semi-automatic espresso makers use pods/capsules/pods to help control the amount of coffee in the cup, but they are still different from traditional single-serve devices in that they require user’s manual milk frother for producing milk foam. Coffee pods used by these machines cannot be compared in either taste or quality with fresh ground beans. On the other hand, convenience is much higher when using pods.

Product Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 18 inches ; 23 pounds . The product dimensions and weight are easily manageable – it can fit almost anywhere without taking too much space. This dimension also takes into account Breville Esclusivo’s smaller parts – its’ bigger brother model ( Bambino Plus ) measures 17x17x24 inches and weighs 37 pounds.

Machine weight: 23 pounds . The product is not small but it’s not large either – that makes it a perfect candidate for those who have smaller kitchen space, lack of storage places or simply don’t want to give up too much of their free time by spending hours every morning grinding coffee beans and cleaning the mess, which is often a downside of using traditional lever espresso machines. Of course a semi-automatic machine isn’t as easy to use as a single serve brewer so there’s going to be some learning curve involved, but Breville Bambino has been created to make this process as painless as possible.

Breville Bambino is an  ESE-compatible espresso maker with manual milk frother . ESE pod-compatible brewers are the most mainstream type of automatic espresso machines. Many consider this system to be outdated but it’s still widely used by many popular brands. The main benefit of using pods/capsules is obvious – they are easier to use, clean and maintain than fresh ground coffee or other types of coffee bean which usually require specific grinders that work only with one type of ground coffee (or even separate ones for each type). Pods also allow much wider range of ingredients to be used in preparing your favourite drink.

Breville Bambino requires pods/capsules/pods  to brew espressos… Each pod contains about 7 grams of freshly brewed coffee along with an optimal amount of crema which is generated thanks to the pressure at 9 bars. The brewing temperature of Breville Bambino is highly adjustable which allows for optimal extraction and results in a cup that’s full of natural oils and flavours, but not bitter whatsoever.

Pre-Brewing chamber  helps boost flavour before extraction process begins. This feature ensures that every last drop of your espresso tastes good as possible because it removes most of the unpleasant residue which forms on top of coffee after frothing milk. This residue has negative effect on taste so removing this step makes sure you won’t be disappointed by anything but best tasting espressos ever!

Removable 3 liter water tank provides maximum level of convenience

3. Breville Bambino Plus

The Breville Bambino Plus is one of Breville’s brand new Steam Espresso Makers. The machine is an upgraded version of the first Breville Bambino, and takes its older brother’s kitchen appliance to a whole new level with added features and functionality. The major upgrade on this model includes the addition of a pressurized portafilter which eases the pressure-brewing process for those who prefer stronger tasting coffee without having to buy more expensive beans.

The product has been released on Australian market as well as some sections on European market, but we’re still unsure about North American release date. Although it seems that that there are no plans for introducing it in US or Canada any time soon, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth waiting for North American release. After all, there are plenty of satisfied customers in Australia and New Zealand who have nothing but praise for this machine.

Breville Bambino Plus comes with the usual swivel jet frother found on previous models which can be detached if you want to use it as a separate milk steaming pitcher. As for the rest of features, they are pretty much similar to those offered by Breville Bambino Steam Espresso Maker . The only thing different is that Breville has added pressurized portafilter to increase pressure during extraction process. The result? You’ll get richer tasting espresso that will make you forget about your local barista!

Overall, Breville Bambino Plus is a great product and we’re sure that many espresso lovers will find it useful. If you don’t like your coffee too strong or prefer milky lattes over rich-tasting Americano, there is no point in buying this machine because it is designed for those who can truly appreciate better tasting coffee.

4. Features Of Breville Bambino Plus

Breville Bambino Plus is a lightweight compact, hot water dispensing machine which comes with an in-built tank. The appliance has the capacity to dispense up to 10 cups of hot water within 2 min. This product is designed for home purposes only and not for commercial purposes

– Features Of Breville Bambino Plus

The features of this machine make it highly efficient, energy saving and economical equipment suitable for every small office or household. Here are some of the key features of Breville Bambino Plus:

– LCD Display

Breville Bambino Plus has an LDC display that shows information like time taken to dispense hot water after switching on, right temperature to heat water, when to clean the machine.

– Built-in storage tank

Breville Bambino Plus has a built in 2 liter stainless steel water storage tank that can easily dispense up to 10 cups of hot water within a minute. The appliance also shows the live status on its LDC display when enough water is stored in the machine and it is ready to dispense hot water. With an auto shut off system, this machine automatically switches off when there is no more water available in the heating chamber. This reduces wastage of electricity and makes Breville Bambino Plus economical equipment for every household.

– Energy Efficient Machine

Breville Bambino Plus saves energy by reducing standby power consumption which means it uses less electricity when not in use.

– Minimal Maintenance

Breville Bambino Plus is easy to maintain and clean machine. All the internal parts are dishwasher safe which makes it easier for cleaning. It also has an in-built warning system that alerts you with a beep sound when the internal tank needs to be filled up again or if there is some blockage found during usage. The Breville Bambino Plus comes with a 2 year limited warranty on all parts of the product except the water tank which has 6 months warranty period. It weighs around 7 kgs and can easily fit under kitchen cabinets, top counter etc. This appliance is designed for home purposes only, not for commercial uses like restaurants, offices etc.

5. Breville Bambino vs Bambino Plus Similarities

Some of the features present on both breville bambinos include:

– You can select how hot you want your coffee to be (155°F, 175°F or 195°F)

– On/Off button for automatic start and stop

– Safety lock key feature so that little hands cannot turn the machine on and make a mess! (or burn themselves!)

– Removable drip tray – to catch any drips before they reach your table and makes clean up easy! The Breville Bambino has a detachable water tank as well – making it easier to fill up. It also comes with an attached cord storage system, to keep those wires out of sight.

– Easy to use filter system – no need to buy coffee filters as they come with the machine already! Just slide the filter into place and fill it up with your favorite coffee. Larger capacity than most espresso machines (makes about 4 large cups rather than 8 shots)

– A water level indicator so you know exactly how much water is left in your machine at all times, so there’s no running out unexpectedly. The on/off button on the Breville Bambino Plus also has an auto on and auto off features, allowing you to program your own schedule of automatic functions. There’s even a self clean feature that automatically cleans the machine after every 40 cycles of use – keeping it running for longer!

6. Differences Between Breville Bambino Vs Bambino Plus


The Breville Bambino takes about 1 minute to heat up and about 40 seconds to brew the coffee. The Breville Bambino Plus on the other hand is faster, taking only 15 seconds of heating up time and about 25-30 seconds to brew its 4 cups. Both machines are very quick in comparison with some espresso machines that take 5 minutes or more!

Design & Portability

One thing both these machines have in common is their beautiful design. With a sleek stainless steel finish, you won’t be ashamed to leave this machine out for everyone to see! Some even say it looks like an Italian sports car – but I think that’s going a bit far…

The Breville Bambino Plus is slightly larger in size than the regular breville bambino. It weighs a little more and its overall dimensions are 32.9 x 30.4 x 26.4 cm when assembled, with a total height of 35cm when you add on the steam wand and frothing jug if necessary.


These machines aren’t cheap! The price for both these machines is about $220-$250. For this price, however, you do get value for your money considering how quick they make coffee and the sleek design – not to mention it’s very low maintenance! Just remember to always descale your machine after every 40 cycles to keep the taste of your espresso in top notch quality.


The Breville bambino offers a very simple way to make coffee with its classic user-friendly interface. It is programmable up to 24 hours, allowing you full control over when you want it on or off. The thermal jug is great for keeping your coffee nice and warm throughout the day – you’ll never have cold coffee again! This machine has an auto shutoff feature if left unattended which can be quite annoying but good for avoiding accidents.

This machine only comes with one steam wand, so multiple people will have to wait their turn if they want more than just 1 cup at a time! The Breville Bambino is made of mostly plastic, but it is of high quality and unbreakable.

The Breville bambino plus offers more features than its older brother such as: – A larger water tank (which means less refills) – A new ‘Cappuccino System’ frother with 3 separate steam outlets for each type of froth you could wish for on your coffee! – An improved stainless steel boiler heating system which heats up faster and better maintains the temperature of hot water. This machine also comes with a built in cup warmer to keep your cups warm while you wait for that scrumptious espresso! The only downside we’ve noticed with the Breville Bambino Plus is that the water intake is a little bit awkward if you have a small sink. However, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue as long as you place it at a low level to allow for enough clearance under the tap. The overall dimensions of the machine are also larger than those of the regular Breville Bambino with measurements of 32.9 x 30.4 x 26.4 cm when assembled and  35cm tall including steam wand and frothing jug (if necessary).

The bottom line: When choosing between these two machines, here’s a list of pros and cons to keep in mind! – If you’re looking for something smaller that doesn’t take up too much space on your counter top then go with the Breville Bambino. However, if space isn’t a problem to you and you’d like a few more advanced features for your coffee-making machine then go with the Breville Bambino Plus! – If you want to have full control over your machine’s settings, go with the regular Breville bambino as it allows for more user customization. If you just want something that is easy to use and ready at any time of day or night then go with the Breville Bambino Plus as it comes preset with its own programmable timer! – If multiple people come over to drink espresso from your kitchen, place orders using the steam wand, and wait their turn in line then consider going for a 2-way option such as the Nespresso Lattissima Pro which allows for simultaneous usage. If you only have one or two people drinking espresso and just need a quick fix then either machine will do just fine! Both of these machines are very reliable and produce amazing tasting coffee every time you brew with them.

We hope this article has helped those of you who were wondering whether to go for the new Bambino Plus or stick with its older brother! 


7. Can I manually steam milk on the Bambino Plus?

As an espresso machine, the Bambino Plus is designed for quick preparation of espresso coffee. However, it also has a hot water tap which permits you to make tea or other beverages requiring hot water without needing to go through the entire process of preparing espresso.

There are two main reasons why you might want to manually steam milk: (1) if your Bambino Plus is outfitted with the new Auto Steam upgrade and (2) if you wanted to prepare cold steamed milk or latte art.

The procedure for manual steaming is straightforward: turn on the steam switch and select either “off” (for boiling plain water), low (if you’re planning on warming something oatmeal), medium (to produce hot water), or high (for cold steamed milk). The low, medium and high options allow you to adjust the temperature of the steam produced by rotating knob on top of the machine.

The one thing that has not been made entirely clear is how long it takes to steam milk using this method. Using my Bambino Plus I have found that it takes me between 20-30 seconds to manually steam milk. You can experiment yourself with your own machine to find out what works best for you.

8. Can I use charcoal filter pods in the Bambino Plus?

Yes, you can definitely use charcoal filter pods in the Bambino Plus.

It is recommended that you only use the original Charcoal filter pods produced by Illy for your Bambino Plus machine as they are perfectly designed to fit inside your brewing chamber correctly and help remove any residual taste of paper or other organic compounds from water passing through them.

Other charcoal filters may be too big for this brewer, making it difficult to tamp down the coffee properly, which could result in an under-extracted cup. To find out more about our own range of Charcoal Filter Pods click here.

As some customers have commented that smaller size alternatives do work with their, please note that we cannot guarantee that they will work properly. In any case it is safer to stick with the original for this reason.

In addition, Illy does not recommend using coffee pods made from alternative materials such as bamboo or steel and we cannot guarantee that they will be suitable either. Click here for more information about our Pod Range and Click here for more information about the Bambino Plus itself.


The Breville Bambino and the Breville Bambino Plus are both excellent espresso machines. They have many similarities, but also some distinctive differences that may be important to you depending on your needs. If you’re thinking about buying an espresso machine for home use, hopefully this blog post will help you decide which one is right for you!