Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe? Key Factors To Keep In Mind

Blender bottles are plastic shaker containers that have a metallic ball to mix different contents perfectly. They can blend various liquids, including coffee, shakes, smoothies, even sauces. They are also used to carry and store drinks for later usage. 

Because of their convenience, you may need it daily but sometimes be too caught up with life to remember to clean it. 

So, are blender bottles dishwasher safe? The answer is usually yes, but how? This article will provide you with the necessary information and other pro tips to keep them clean.


Why Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

The first thing you have to do before washing your blender bottles is looking at each brand’s care and maintenance. You can find it on their website, on the cup, or on the booklet that comes with the cup. It will need different treats based on the cup’s brand and material.

However, almost all the blender bottles are dishwasher safe.

A surgical-grade stainless steel blender ball wire whisk is included with most blender bottles, and its main job is to pass around inside the blender container, blending out food ingredients and drink shakes.

Fiber drinks, protein shakes, and smoothies go well in the bottle. The blender bottle and all of its components are dishwasher safe, but the cup and lid should be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

When some nutrient shakes are mixed, they can leave a foul odor in the bottle, and some protein shakes can even leave stains at the bottom of the bottle. However, if left inside for a longer length of time, they can discolor the bottle and emit a foul odor. The foul odor left behind by protein and nutrition shakes will not be cleaned by the dishwasher, so you’ll have to come up with other solutions.

4 Steps To Wash Blender Bottles In Dishwasher


  1. Check for any specific information regarding the direction of cleaning that came with your blender bottle
  2. Place the blender ball and the wire whisk in the silverware bin
  3. Put the lid and the cup on the top rack to avoid hot water
  4. Remove the bad odor (with tips mentioned later)

Alternately, you may clean your bottles with a soft cloth and warm soapy water by hand.

4 Ways To Remove Lingering Odor Out Of Blender Bottles Apart From Dishwashers

I recommend hand-washing your blender bottle before beginning to eliminate the residual odors. Soak it in warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid, then wipe the lid and cup clean with a rag or microfiber cloth. It is beneficial to brush the internal side of the top with a bottle cleaning brush to remove any residue that has accumulated through time. This is the main reason for the foul odor.

When cleaning your bottle, avoid using abrasive cleaners because they can scratch the paint.

  • Soapy Water/ Vinegar and Warm Water

Dip the blender bottle in a mixture of warm water, soap, or vinegar. Soaking from 10 to 15 minutes will loosen any hardened debris in the container. Soak the top of the lid in the water as well. After that, use a microfiber cloth to clean the bottle and cap, paying close attention to the mouthpiece.

  • Baking Soda/Salt/Coffee Grounds

Another healthy way to clean plastics is baking soda. If the odor from your blender bottle won’t go down, apply about two teaspoons of it to the bottle and leave it there for 30 to 60 minutes before scrubbing it out.

Other alternatives are salt and coffee grounds. Let the dried coffee grounds or salt sit in the bottle overnight and rinse them out with cool water in the morning.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide/Listerine/Lemon Juice

They will not only destroy any bacteria or microorganisms that are causing odors, but they will also disinfect the blender container. After that, fill the bottle with 25% cup of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and tightly seal it. You can use about 25% full of Listerine or 25% cup of lemon juice with water if you don’t have Hydrogen Peroxide. After that, give the bottle a fast half-a-minute shake to make sure the liquid is uniformly dispersed throughout. After that, thoroughly clean the bottle with cold water.

  • Try Newspaper

Do you happen to have some old newspapers lying around? You may also use such newspapers to eliminate odors from your blender container. Take a piece of newspaper and sprinkle a small amount of water on top with your hand. Roll the newspaper into a ball and put it inside the bottle, allowing it to sit for 24 to 36 hours. Make sure the lid is tightly fastened.  

Another bonus way to remove the smell is to use cinnamon:


Are blender bottles microwave safe?

Microwaving is not recommended. When the leak-proof seal inside the bottle/jars is broken, pressure may build up inside the bottle/jars, causing the lids or flip caps to open unexpectedly and spray the contents. The blender bottles can never be microwaved.

Are blender bottles freezer safe?

Generally, I do not recommend freezing shaker cups. Like most plastic bottles, shaker cups can become fragile and vulnerable to cracking or breaking when frozen. If you want to freeze the contents, make sure there is enough space at the top, and the flip cap is open to allow the contents to expand.

Can I put frozen fruit in a blender bottle?

People often put completely frozen fruits in the blender since they’re delicious and simple to produce. This can cause lumpy smoothies and, in some cases, cracking and breaking of the sharp blades. Allow frozen fruits to thaw in the refrigerator or a Ziploc bag in a bowl of water before blending.

Other foods you shouldn’t put in a blender bottle are nuts, bones, potatoes, dough, ginger, and powders.

When should I replace my blender bottle?

If it’s stainless steel, it should last a long time if you wash it thoroughly with a bottle brush and soap, even the straw portion. If it’s plastic, I will replace it when the surface begins to wear and become less smooth, as this is where bacteria will hide.

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So now you know the answer to the question “Are blender bottles dishwasher safe?” and you are ready to try cleaning blender bottles yourself. If you don’t have time to wash them by hand, don’t worry because it’s totally fine to put them in your dishwasher. Try these tips out to have a good smelling and clean blender bottle!